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    Good morning, Ladies! Well, I have realized that my face looks like it feels- it feels like I spend half the time crying and not sleeping nearly enough. This isn't true but there are nights when I can only sleep 5-6 hours and others where I sleep too much. Anyway, I feel and show the puffy, saggy bags aroubnd my eyes and my complexion looks much too worn.

    Yep, I had those mornings where I looked like this after a night of partying when I was a young thing and I would look better after getting some sleep. But now that I'm old, will this clear up any as I shed more of this stress I'm carrying? Or is this it, due to age? I'm worried because I feel and look this way, yet I'm really not walking around crying all the time. I did spend a few months being a pretty stressed out MOM though.
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    Stress! I would be surprised if your body didn't show some signs of it after all you've been through. Also perimenopause could be factoring in. Lastly, any type of food sensitivity? Continue to take good care of yourself, find some destressing activities like yoga and drink lots of water. If your diet is like most of ours, a vitamin pill couldn't hurt. I'm thinking of you all the time sweetie. Love you, ML
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    Does it ever go back to looking any better? Peri/menopausal- OHHhhhhhh....yep, I didn't know that could effect it, too. Thanks, ML!
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    I know this 49 year old woman who always looked like she was hungover - seriously - and she didn't even drink that much at all, certainly not enough to have a hangover. But there she was with tired looking skin and saggy bags under eyes, puffiness, and new lines in all the wrong places.

    She went to weightwatcher to lose that 15 lbs she'd been dragging around and started drinking LOTS of water. Guess what happened? All the saggy bags, most of the lines, and the puffiness went AWAY!! I know it seems to simple to be true, but I know my skin feels better when I'm drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. The elasticity seems to bounce back.