Another in school suspension & a long night -Updated

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difficult child had another in school suspension. He was completiy disrespectful and inappropriate with the Special Education. teacher. He was told next time it would be an out of school suspension-they don't do that lightly in our district.

He also is slipping in and out of moods so fast we can't keep up. Yesterday I saw such a range-crying, giggling, acting tough, acting like a 3 year old, tantruming, threatening (no actual violence). He couldn't focus at wrestling but at least had fun there. He had a big blow up with easy child last night. easy child was not completely innocent either and then she blew up with us. It was just not a fun night in the wiped out house. I spent much of it in tears.

We have an appointment. to meet with his neuorolgist this morning. We are also going to see his psychiatrist as I called yesterday and he is very concerned about difficult child. Since he knew we would be in the office next door with the nuerologist he is squeezing us in before that appointment.

Right now I just feel like staying in bed for the whole day and hiding from everything-but I won't. I sure hope today is a better day for difficult child.

As always thanks for listening.

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I'm glad that you were able to get difficult child in so quickly. He is definitely spiraling.

As for easy child, siblings of our difficult children take such a hit on a regular basis. I expect that, at this very tender age, she's struggling. Doesn't make whatever antic she pulled last night right - just gives some perspective on the level of stress she may be feeling.

Find some time for yourself today. If you have time for a workout okay - if not, find another outlet.

There's a lot going on in the with-O household of late. Don't let yourself get rundown or ill.

Update us on what neuro & psychiatrist have to say.

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So sorry things are getting worse. Hopefully the docs will figure ut what is going on and get him stable soon. Take care of you. I know what it feels like to not want to get up in the morning dreading what the day may bring. When you step outside today take a moment to smile at the sun, listen to the birds, feel the cold air on your face. -RM


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Sharon, I know how demoralizing this feels. You can just see difficult child self destruct in front of you and there isn't much you can do. :tears:
Seeing the doctors is a good thing.
Just hold on tight, it's probably going to be a bumpy ride.
If he gets too out of control, consider hospitalization again. He is difficult especially when he is in a downward spiral.
I'm sorry for easy child. It's not easy being a miserable teen with a difficult child brother. Everything bothers them and they can't be the drama queen as most teens get to be because difficult child is sucking up all the attention.

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Thanks all-I appreciate the support. difficult child had a great day today. I don't know that it's the slight increase in the Loxapine or what. Things that would usually send him into meltdown mode didn't even phase him. He was on an even keel all day long and even joking around very appropriately.

At the psychiatrist appointment we decided to add in syet another Loxapine at lunch and to increase his Topomax.

We also got the results from the nueropsychologist's inital testing. He said that while the results are discouraging that difficult child worked so hard to do well. He was very impressed with difficult child's efforts. He did the Woodcock-Johnson to start out. The highest percentile was 13% and he even scored in the 1st percentile in one test. It looks like difficult child also has dsylexia which, of course, could be fueling some of his behavior at school as he is probably lost more of the day.

We really like the nueropsycologist-he is going to continue testing difficult child. In addition, he wants to be a "coach" for helping him deal with anger management. He is also going to have some session with husband and I brainstorming ideas for difficult child.

Even though the results of the tests are very discouraging I'm feeling more hopeful today. It's nice having the psychiatrist and nuerophsych. right next door to each other and on the same page with difficult child. I can tell they really care about him!