Another medication reaction



I had another allergic reaction Tuesday night. I've been out of commission the last two days. The thing is, I'm not on any new medications, so I'm reacting to a medication I've been taking. It's either the beta blocker or the cholesterol medication and I'm leaning towards the beta blocker. The reason I think so is I have been having unstable angina (angina without exertion) often since March. They increased my beta blocker to try to help with the angina and my pulse dropped into the 40's (resting pulse should be 60's to 70's). I wasn't bouncing back, so I stopped the beta blocker altogether for a couple of weeks. I started it back on Tuesday night (at the lowest dose possible) and I had an allergic reaction and I've had angina for 2 days straight - non stop. I had no angina while off the medication.

I have an appointment with a new doctor Monday morning.

Have I mentioned how sick I am of all this?

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I'm allergic to a half dozen medications so I know how tiring this can be. Please if you're have heart problems due to your medications, contact your doctor. Don't put yourself at risk.

Positive thoughts for a good day today.


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I know how terrible the allergies are, esp when they first develop. I am sorry you are feeling so cruddy.

Please call your doctor. You need new medications and to let him know about the reaction.




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Ahhh Heather...Im so sorry.

This just bites.

They have to figure this all out. You cannot keep this up. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs.


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Oh Heather!!!! I just want this to stop for you... when I saw your post... it made me so mad! I can not imagine how you are feeling.

Call your doctor. I hope something gets figured out, SOON! You poor thing, you need a break. If I was closer I would give you one!!! And a hug...


call 911

I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope this post finds you and your Aunt gIna feeling much better. If she's anything like you I'm sure she's wonderful! :doctor:(<span style='font-family: Times New Roman'>this is dr. feelgood</span>)


Star - Your post really threw mom's name is Gina (spelled differently, though) and I've been up for 25 hours so I was trying to figure out how you knew my mom. :rofl:

Thanks ladies. :flower: I really think the angina is a reaction to the medication. When I was off the medication, no angina. I go back on the medication, allergic reaction and angina. I've been hospitalized twice since March for unstable angina and everything looks ok. It all makes sense now.

I see my new family doctor on Monday. I don't see my cardiologist again until 10/29...they would probably just refer me back to my family doctor for this. That's been my experience, anyway.