another week another phone call lol!!


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:smile: well Friday was awesome they made it threw a whole day with out being sent home I gave out a gift when they got home,they all got a new dinkie car for good behaviour!! Monday with much pleading out the door they went and by 1:15 I got phone calls about Avery and Jescey(who usally don't have alot of issues) was in a major melt down and nothing to console him,so while an advicate from a organization for exceptional children was sitting in front of me I tried to settle my autistic son over the phone,knowing full well we both needed a hug I suggested he ask his principal for one who probably needed one too.He got hugged I quietly cried as listening to my baby ask her for the hug and telling her he was sorry for his outburst,and could he have his tamogochie back! she replied it must stay off and at office and we were off and yelling again :hammer: why not give him it even tho he is not learning much at that point he is settled let him have it for a bit then take it after recess.But No, in mean time Avery going off,they give him plastercine to play with while listening,It helps to keep him busy while he is paying attention (IT WORKS)BUT MATH TEACHER OLD SCHOOL RULES takes it from him and leaves him an open mind to wander and he gets in to trouble so he found a tiny piece of it in his desk and threw it at teacher saying you forgot this piece,now he is in trouble.GEEEZE if it isnt broke dont fix it !!!! the child was quiet in seat and listening,why disturb him and take the implement away,so by 1:40 both jescey and avery were home,I had doctors appointment for me and now had them too,if not for my other half coming home to take me I would have gone nuts or canceled appointment.Today is tuesday and it is almost 11AM no phone calls ...I have checked the phone twice to make sure it still works in case they have called ! it does ,I pleaded with them this morning :hypnosis: to please behave and stay at school. I find when the teachers find something that works another teacher will not allow the method and boom all heck breaks lose.First thing they tell you anywhere when you have children is to have a UNITED front and to have a game plan set the rules together and to come together when it gets confusing,these teachers need to sit down again and soon. I am calling an all out meeting during march break with all the EA's, teachers, principal and anyone who has to work with my guys for a meeting,to set the rules all are able to abide by,to set allowences (ex.playdough,plastercine in hand to keep busy) any of the time outs and transitional chores to make sure were all on same page or these boys will only miss out on more school and all involved will only be exhausted every day !! I hope it works :warrior: I have a game plan and I am ready to battle and go to bat for my guys.WATCH out school here I come it's fed up MOMMY lol!


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Did you call teacher that took it away and make sure he/she knows difficult child is allowed to keep it during class?