anxiety, panic, stress and fight or flight

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    Thank you, I found the first article particularly helpful. It explains things very simply, I plan to read it to my 8 yo and will only need to reexplain a few things. He needs to understand why he should do the deep breathing (not just told how to do it) and I needed to understand why he needs to run into the house or out of the house(which is probably his way of getting the intense exercise) and break things...I would love to get to the place where he can do jumping jacks or sit ups and get the same release. I also like the underlining message that there is a physical reason and he isn't "just bad" Thanks for sharing it.
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    That was great information, just exactly what I needed right now, not for difficult child, but for myself. Currently since difficult child is stable, I"m having to redirect myself. Running on constant stress at a high level for so long and now all of a sudden, bam... stress is low. But my mind doesn't believe it I guess. My concentration is at an all time low right now. I'm gonna try some of the tips suggested.

    Thanks! Donna
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    Thanks-I've bookmarked it to read later!
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    Great info. Thanks

    I am lucky to have a psychiatrist who could explain it in simple terms that made sense. Many don't take the time to do that.
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    Thanks for posting those links! The first one could have said "See Jamie's difficult child" under it - as a point of definition. It described his episodes to a T. He goes into a sort of cornered animal mode. I love that it was in terms easily understood.

    Thanks again - very helpful links!
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    I know sometimes it helps me to understand it by reading it- LOL- and I should understand it fine, cuz I have ealt with panic myself for over 20 years.
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    LOL, I am also glad I stumbled upon these and read them, they came in handy this morning, LOL