Any advice on Lithium?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Paris, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Paris

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    I'm taking my son to his doctor today to adjust his medications. He's on Zyprexa, which seemed to work fine for about 2 months, now he is delusional again.

    Not severe delusions like I can fly or anything, but more like he has these great plans for the future! While he sits around watching TV, smoking pot, and waiting for his friends to get out of school.

    He says he has these plans and not to worry about it because they are going to happen. They never do of course.

    He now goes from mania to depression rapidly, it never use to happen like that. I'm getting worried...

    Has anyone had any luck with Lithium?
  2. Janna

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    My son, Dylan, had very good results from Lithium that lasted about 16 months.

    Some things to know:

    Lithium requires blood draws to check theraputic levels. We had our first 5 days after administration of the drug, and then again in about 2 weeks, then every 4 weeks until he was theraputic (level should be somewhere between .8 and 1.1). Then every 3-4 months thereafter.

    My son gained 42 pounds on Lithium. He also aquired enuresis (excessive, nightly bed soaking) and hypothyroidism induced by Lithium, which in turn required him to be put on Synthroid.

    You can become toxic on Lithium, so it is imperative to watch for things like shaky hands. You can also become dehydrated, so hydration is extremely important.

    This sounds like alot of negatives, I know. Side effects of the Lithium for my son, like every other medication, were a pain. However, the Lithium DID completely halt all his raging and explosive behaviors for the 16 months. We took him off because I, myself, just couldn't deal with the side effects anymore, and wanted to see if my son could maintain now without (which he is).
  3. KateM

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    My brother was diagnosis'd with BiPolar (BP) at age 19. He's been on Lithium since then (except for a brief period when he thought he "didn't need it anymore" and found out he sure did!)

    This is the gold standard for BiPolar (BP). My brother is now 44, married, has a great job, etc. When my other brother was diagnosis'd with BiPolar (BP) two years ago,at age 40, this was the medication that stopped the mania.He continues on this medication. He, too, is married with a good job and is a great, involved father.

    My son is 20, diagnosis with Aspergers but has some mood issues as well. Lithium helps him, although for him, the best mood stabilizer has been Depakote. difficult child has been on Lithium for 2 years with no side effects.
  4. wakeupcall

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    My son (12) has been on Lithobid for about 6 months or so. It is really helping to keep him on an even keel which is a first for him. I am comforted in that it's been around for a very long time. Good luck!
  5. smallworld

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    I'm just wondering if it's possible no medications will work until he stops smoking pot. Have you considered a dual-diagnosis treatment facility?
  6. Bugsy

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    My son is only 6 and started lithium in April. At that point we almost hospitalized him and probably should have. He has had no major side effects. No weight gain. It has been the ONLY thing that has made a difference. He had 5 very stable, compliant months and he was generally pleasant. Of course it was still more challenging than a "typical" child, but so much better. We have been going through a tough time right now and my hope is that the duration of this period will be less than in the past. He seems to be getting on track.

    If you do decide to start lithium the bloodwork is very important and things like keeping hydrated are important.

    good luck,
    Bugsy's mom
  7. Paris

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    Yes, my son was in a dual diagnosis rehab. It didn't work, but enlightened us a lot.

    Okay, his doctor decided to put him on Effexor along the Zyprexa. He said he didn't think his mania was that bad and he seemed more depressed to him.


    What :censored2: is my difficult child thinks he doesn't have a problem, it's everyone else that has the problem. What can I do? I have taken away his car, money, told him to move out (he won't leave and I won't put him on the street).

    I wish I could run away or close my eyes and wait for this to be all over : (