Any Thoughts about RESPITE


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8 and 6 are eligible for respite care for MH and MR and I have been pondering over the subject. I like the idea for maybe a couple hours a week and my husband doesn't like the idea but he is always at work and i rarely get any help from him. So I was wondering if any one has had any experience with respite care.

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kt is at respite even as we speak.

I love respite - we get it here on average once a month for kt. We're eligible for every other weekend but haven't gotten the second weekend set up yet.

Having said that, we use providers that offer a group home respite setting. Both providers own their own respite home & schedule weekends (Friday evening through late Sunday afternoon) by gender & age.

It took a while to find the right provider but it's been worth the wait.

by the way, kt enjoys respite probably more than we do.


I've never had the opportunity to use respite in the formal sense, but I have been known to call my mom and tell her that I need her to take difficult child for a night. We need time for ourselves and away from the everyday routine...parents and kids alike.

As you are dealing with your own mental health, I would strongly advise you to consider this opportunity. If husband won't get on board, then tell him you will just leave the kids with him for a few hours each week while you take care of yourself. See if that changes his mind at all. :wink:


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We would love to have it, but not available in my area. My mom does keep B every Monday from afterschool until Tuesday morning for us. That helps my older kids have some time for just them.

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We have a respite center here and use it but only can get him in about once a month-for about four hours at a time. Once in awhile he even gets an overnight! difficult child loves it and so do we-it gives us a chance to recharge.


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8 would go to the foster care agency that my aunt works for so she will make sure he is well taken care of (every other weekend or one a month) and 6 will go to any person of my choice (another aunt.)