Anyone else have that yukky acid reflux?

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    Blah, I have it both in my stomach and in my larynx (yes, the reflux can cause a cough and laryngitis). I've been to the GI guy and he put something down my stomach and that's what I had. But lately I've been bad about earing right and have been gaining some weight and the gastric reflux has kicked up bad. I have a gnawing in the chest area that only drinking skim milk or eating an apple can soothe and I have that cough and hoarse throat tht is also caused by the reflux.

    Ok, I have a doctor's appointment. soon, but what I was wondering is, if anybody has it, do you have any special remedies that help? I heard of apple cidar with Mother in it. (I am not sure what Mother I have heard that ginger tea is good, but then I also read that tea is bad, even decaffeinated. Any helpful foods/bad foods? Good/bad habits? I am trying to do my best to ease it while I wait for my appointment.

    Any/all words of wisdom GREATLY appreciated as they always are.

    Oh, yeah. The worst part is I had a tooth extracted last week and the bone is still sore. I've been back to the dentist twice. It's not infected so all he can do is put medicine in the bone, which isn't very effective so I have to take Ibprofen for that as it gets painful. That can't be helping the reflux much!!!

    Problems, problems. I ain't getting better, I'm getting OLDER! :sigh:
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    mwm....does it hurt so bad right in the center between your breast bone so bad you cant get any food down? That what mine is like. Only thing I can do is drink Ensure and eat some sugar free jello. Even eggs make me sick. Oh the pain and cramping. The doctor did give me reglan and one of the acid reflux medications, I cant remember which one, but it was a script that is also available OTC in a lessor strength. The acid reducer makes it so when I throw up, all I have is a water type stuff and it doesnt burn. I have my GI appointment on Wed. What did they do to you on your first GI visit? I am wondering if I need to take someone with me for that first appointment.
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    Oh, wow, Janet! Sounds like you have a TERRIBLE case of it. I'm very sorry you have so much pain.

    No, I'm not that bad yet. Just have the symptoms I listed. I don't throw up. I get very hoarse and cough a lot. And I do have a gnawing in my upper chest that I sort of have to "feed" in order to make it go away. Tums and OTC stuff doesn't really work.
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    Ok, ladies: good news is it can be dealt with and manage fairly good, bad news is it requires LOTS of descipline and committment. Partner actually started having this problem shortly after turning 3. He would have this dry cough and 2 days later would end up at the hospital because of severe respiratory distress. Since at that age he was non verbal, it was real ard to know what was happening to him. It took almost 2 years to get the correct diagnosis: severe GERD.
    The GI started him on prevacid at night (20mg for a 5 years old, which was 4 times what a kid his age should take) and miralax/malynta/tums as needed during the day. To get rid of the cough and respiratory problems, he was put on steroids. The GI also stressed the importance of a strict diet, otherwise the medications were just a bandaid to his bleeding larynx.
    His recommedations: no tomatoe products (ketchup, sauce etc), no caffeine of any form, no chocolate, no peppers, onions or other spicy food, no fried food or greasy food, no soda, no citrus.
    This was not too bad to follow as French cooking is closer to this diet than southern cooking.
    But his crisis did not stopped and about every other month we were at the GI and Partner was put on steroids.
    After about 3 ore trips to the GI, husband finally confessed that he was cheating on the weekend and would let Partner have a small soda or some ketcup on his burger!!! 3 days later Partner would be coughing, it never failed but the delayed reaction made it a bit hard for husband to realize what he was doing...
    The GI had said that milk should not be a problem, but I have a different opinion on it.
    Once Partner's diet was respected to the T for several month, he still had a few episodes and went to a chiropractor for him. She is very "natural living" oriented and she suggested no milk and avoid processed foods. I had also found out that chewing on fennels seeds worked better that medications. So he chewed his fennels seeds after every meal and the cough would go away! Just amazing. (it worksfor husband as well when he has regular heart burn).
    Farstforward: turns out Partner can eat pretty much ANY thing (yes chocolate and tomatoe products) as long as it is made from scratch. His main problems must be the additives in the food that I was buying (home made brownies no problem, store bought brownies are garanteed trouble).
    After about 2 years on a very strict diet, we have eased a bit on it and he seems to do fine. He has had some rare episodes during which he goes back to his strict diet until h feels better. I hope this help because I have seen first hand how painful and disabiling it can be! People tend to think heartburn is not too bad, well if you have it at a severe level that is REALLY bad.
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    Untreated acid reflux can lead to esophageal cancers so you do need to get this under control.

    If you begin with a script for a good anti-reflux medication while changing your diet, you will eventually find relief and be able to drop the medication. As ktllc stated, it can be difficult to give up some foods and drinks but it will eventually pay off. Best of luck, feel better.
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    Before you worry about esophageal cancer, you need to worry about esophageal strictures, which is NOT fun......neither is the treatment. medications can and do help. husband had GERD and esophageal strictures. He did fine except he refused to give up soda. Soda is the worst thing in the world for that sort of thing. husband drank soda from the moment he woke until the moment he went to bed. So you can imagine. mother in law had it pretty bad too, gave up soda (took me some years to convince her) and never had any more real issue with it, but she took her medications too.

    So, soda is a no no. Think of what soda is and what it does and you'll know why. Bubbles and acid......not a good idea. Apple cider I'd think would burn like fire, also acid. Citrus fruits, also acidic. Drinking milk for short term relief might backfire as it might make the body produce more stomach acid.

    husband did his medications, he ate a somewhat blandish heavy duty spices. He learned to eat SLOWLY and chew his food very very well. Several small meals per day to avoid extra pressure. If the man had given up his soda, he'd probably never have had to go through those esophageal stricture treatments, which remind me of torture.....except you get anesthetic for it. (but you have to be awake to swallow the tool & if I remember right while they're doing it) in coffee/tea, never seemed to bother him, but then he wasn't a huge fan of either.
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    A tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar is VERY efective for heartburn on an as needed basis. It works similar to the same way that homeopathic remedies work - by using like to treat like. difficult child used the cider vinegar and it works every time. My H uses baking soda and water and it works every time for him. Neither have worked for me.

    My dad had heartburn ALL THE TIME. He eventually developed those esophageal strictures and then cancer. At that time (nearly 25 years ago) they said it was due to drinking alcohol and smoking...seems "they" have learned that it has more to do with GERD.
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    I had it so bad I thought my spine was going to explode out of my chest. I now use ranitidine - over the counter - daily and am rarely bothered.
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    I've been dealing with that for over 30 years. I have been on 150 mg of Zantac twice a day (the once a day ones do NOT work a whole day for me) for that long. When it flares up really bad, I drink a tall glass of milk with 3-4 pieces of plain white bread, no butter or anything else. Acidy foods are a no no, soda and tomatoes are top of the list. I also have to watch my "grease" intake. Greasy pizza and bacon and those types of foods make it worse also. So far, these things have helped tremendously. I can sympathize with you. I've been doing it for so many years that the changes are just second nature.
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    husband and I both suffer from acid reflux. I just recently began to feel as though I had food stuck in my esophagus. We both are taking an OTC medication and it seems at this point to control it.

    I really try and avoid fried food and I gave up soda several months ago.

    I drink alot of water and try not to eat after 6ish.
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    Apple cider vinegar with "mother"... to get that, you need "real" apple cider vinegar, i.e. organic. The commercial stuff is processed to the point that it kills the "mother". If you have organic apple cider vinegar, and you store it for a while - or leave it in a vinegar server out in the light, you can see the "mother" develop... it's normal, part of the whole make-up of the apple cider vinegar. Don't ask me why it's called "mother".
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    Onyxx has it (in fact just got back from the GI people). They have her on Prevacid and Zantac (ranitidine)...

    I had it when I smoked, and then had a couple of months of peace when I quit and now it's back because Bean is squashing the whole area. When I smoked, nothing worked. Now, a couple Tums help...
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    Braggs brand is the best!
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    Oh, IC, I just laughed when I read "mother." Have no idea why, but it struck me as amusing.

    Well, thanks, guys. I think I know how it got so bad and I'm really ashamed of myself. I drank soda non-stop (and coffee) until about a week ago when I started reading up on acid reflux because it was getting worse and the cough never ends. I bought Rantadine 75 mgs. (I'm very sensitive to medications) and am taking them twice a day until I see the doctor. I am also cutting out anything tomato and fatty and chocolate...and I am going to eat very small portions. To my delight :hi5: they listed one of my favorite foods evah GREEK YOGURT!!! as very good for relux!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I put Greek Yogurt, some oatmeal and non-citrus fruit in a small bowl and I'm in heaven.

    So........................what do you do when you start getting that gnawing feeling in your stomach that makes you think your stomach is raw and that only a glass of skim milk will calm it down? Tums don't help that and the Rantadine doesn't stop it. Help?
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    Last year, I thought I was having a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. It turned out to be GERD. I am now taking Dexilant, a prescription medication, and it is helping. I am going to be having lapband surgery in a few months and the diet for that should help with the GERD, which only developed over the last 30 pounds or so. As of now, I am cutting back on soda. Milk of any sort makes everything worse for me because I'm also lactose intolerant.

    I have a constant cough but in my case I also have a chronic sinus infection and post-nasal drip so bad that I am now on 30 days of antibiotics and if that doesn't help, I'll have a cat scan of the sinuses.
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    IC, I was told by gastric man and also read in books that peppermint is very bad for gastric reflux. It's on the "NEVER INGEST IT" list. Thanks though.
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    I've had it for over 20 years and still haven't found anything that helps during an attack. Mine feels like a heart attack and it's difficult to breathe/talk. All the suggestions about staying away from caffeine, tomato based foods, citrus, etc. are right on. Eating smaller portions too. Also, putting the head of your bed on blocks is supposed to help at night so you're not laying flat and the acids are spilling into your upper esophagus. Unfortunately for me, I am on Nexium daily. The only non prescription medication that works for me is Prilosec. Nothing else has worked. I wish you luck and relief as this is an awful thing to have!