Anyone familiar with MST organization

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by FlipFlops, Jun 14, 2009.

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    We recently started working with MST. Anyone familiar with it? Did you think it was helpful? A bunch of bolony? Right now I feel like it is pointless. Being told to do the same things I have tried before that didn't work. Not sure how I feel about the individual who works with us either. Do they tape your sessions? I had to remind mine to do so. She interupts me a lot. Don't feel like she listens to us. Has anyone had any success with this program? I think we may just be beyond keeping difficult child in the home...
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    I didnt actually go through MST but I wish I could have found that type of service when I read about it after the fact. From what I understand, it is supposed to be a multi-model approach to therapy which encompasses all areas of your childs life but it also puts you basically in charge. Or better put...they teach you how to be in charge. Every part of the childs life has to be on the same page. There cant be different rules at home, school, church, grandma's house, etc. For these type kids it has to be the same everywhere or they manipulate the system. MST works with all factions and gets everyone on the same page but they also hold the child accountable for his role in this.

    I think this would have worked wonderfully for my son.
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    All the written descriptions of MST that I have read do say that they are services to get everyone on the same page and help the parent regain control and the difficult child to take responsibility. However, we did try it and the reality was much different. I'm sure it depends a lot on the therapist assigned to your case, but in our situation, the MST guy didn't want to hear about difficult child's history, didn't care about the real problems that we were dealing with, didn't want difficult child to see any other therapist (this is part of MST protocol), and only wanted to set up a behavior contract which was baseed on negotiation between me and difficult child. It really appeared that it was a bargain that if I would cook more meals that difficult child liked, difficult child would stay out of legal trouble and follow the rules. It had been court ordered for us, basd on a recommendation from a GAL who didn't know squat and made way too many assumptions about things. I had my son evaluation'd somewhere by an expert on childhood problems, took her written recommendations to the court and had the order for MST services removed so we could pursue the recommendations by mental health experts.

    Also, with the mst person assigned to us, my son did not respect me or my rules more by seeing someone overule me. It only served to send my son a message that others could step in and I was not really in authority.