Anyone have advice?

I posted this in general but I'd like to repost here. Does anyone know how to handle a school who refuses to deal with difficult child. Their answer to everything is to call the parents.

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This is rambling and I'm so sorry about it. I'm very frustrated

My difficult child has been out of school since last Thursday for not wearing his belt with his uniform. He does this repeatedly and now the school has requested a Mandatory Parent Conference. Which means he can't return to school unless they meet with me. He's not suspended, he just can't go back until I meet with the school.

Here's the maddening part of it. I've been up there Monday and Tuesday morning and they refuse to meet with me. The principal says it's because the first hour of the day is for reading and she won't call the three teachers up to the office "because she won't take reading away from them" They have two teachers in every classroom. Will the class fall apart if one teacher leaves? I can't meet after 8:30 because I have to leave for work. She also refuses to meet with me after I get off work. Now tomorrow is special because it's parent conference night and since all the teachers will be there anyway, she graciously decided that she would meet with me at 5:30, when I get off work. What's going to happen next time?

How can the school refuse to work around a working mom's schedule? I've called the SD and filed a formal complaint. I also have a call in to the associate superintendent but I probably won't hear anything until next week.

We live in the worst school district in the midwest. They lost their accreditation years ago. They still aren't accredited. If difficult child graduates his diploma won't be worth the paper it's printed on.

I'm so frustrated. My difficult child's been out of school all week. He's totally getting rewarded for not wearing his belt. He doesn't want to be in school and he acts up so he doesn't have to be in school. He's getting his way, by any means necessary.


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Wow, I can't believe they will not work around your schedule. The formal complaint was a great idea.

Since they don't even have accreditation, can you request a school transfer? There must be other school districts very close by. Just a thought.

Totally unfair - I've never heard of this.

I'm sure you can calmly let all the teachers involved know that this is unacceptable. No real advice, but I hope the complaint brings you some action.


Check your school district's policy also -- you might find something there to help. Many sd policies are on-line these days.

Check with-your State Education Agency.

I'd check with-the SEA about the accreditation problem also. There should be some type of transfer provisions, particularly in light of NCLB.

If you son has an IEP, you can call an IEP meeting. Reoccuring behavior problems should be addressed in a Behavior Intervention Plan.