Anyone have any supernatural experiences after a family death or anytime?


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I have explained about the scary accurate medium readings I've had from strangers (over the phone and starting way before you could be looked up on social media) and I have had other experiences that were also, for lack of a better word, supernatural and very real. I am not posting to dispute this...they have happened.

I just want to know if anyone else had an experience, a scary accurate reading in which you were told things nobody but your loved ones could have known about, vivid dreams about a passed love one that seemed real, near death experiences or just anything that made you think or know that there are lots of angels out there for you. Or that your loved ones who passed are still around.

Don't know how much interest this will generate but I just had another way spooky experience that is about my dad in spirit and would love to trade stories, if there are any to trade.


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My maternal grandpa passed on his 81st birthday in 2003.

July 2004, I had just gotten a new car... Driving home from work, Grandpa told me he liked the car but the radio was too loud. Clear as day.

December 2004, I was briefing a bunch of Marines in Akron about their household goods entitlements when I felt someone watching me. Turned toward the projector screen and he was standing there in MODERN camouflage. I only recognized him because I'd seen pictures of him when he was young. He was there several moments.

Two weeks later, talking to Grandma on the phone, I told her of our plans to come down for Christmas and said I would be there with bells on. She asked that they be "quiet bells". She passed away the 21st... So Bill removed the clappers from some jingle bells for me. When we got married the following July, EVERYONE heard jingle bells when the pastor pronounced us.

Since then, Rose has had conversations with them, and later, with my father's parents and my mother's BFF after they passed. She still will talk to them. We don't make a big deal about it. The things she knows about them, too - such as my mother's two brothers who died, one at 4 days and one stillborn - we don't discuss them. Grandma being an acrobatic dancer. BFF being a professor. It's unearthly. But I know they are keeping her safe.


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I have had one odd experience that I'm sure was a coincidence and totally not supernatural, but I'll tell it was creepy.

My son's biodad died when he was about 7 years old. I was married to Jabber already and we all went to the memorial service. That same night, it was warm and we had our windows opened, and I smelled cigarettes. Now, we never smoked in the house and at that time I don't think we smoked at all, but in my bedroom it was very clear. The room was dark, so I went to the window and peeked through the curtains and there was a man, standing leaned back against the tree in our side yard, smoking. I could only see his outline and the glow of the cigarette, but it was very clear. Our neighbors were elderly people who didn't smoke. From his posture and outline, had I not just been to his funeral, I would have SWORN that it was my ex. When I spoke to Jabber and told him there was someone outside, the man swiftly left the yard and crossed the road into the trees on the other side. There was no sign of him after that. Never happened again.

Now...I also have a family ghost story. This isn't mine, but my mother's father's story. Grandfather was a miner among other things while Mom was growing up and when she was young her granddad (my great-grandfather) lived with the family up until his death from a stroke. Anyway, one of Grandfather's jobs in the mine was to go in after they had blasted, to see if it was safe to bring in the crew to shore up the roof and sides. As he walked along, out of the solid rock wall stepped his dead father, who turned to him and held his hand out in a "Halt" type motion. Startled, Grandfather jumped back and a large piece of rock fell from the ceiling of the mine, right in front of him. Had he not jumped back, he would have been crushed. Her father had told the family about it that night and they all believed her last day my mother always swore that Granddad had returned from the dead to save his son's life.

Finally, not about anyone who has passed, but I've mentioned before that I have had dreams about my son that came true...if not exact, still true enough. Like dreaming he told me he was going to quit going to class and fail, and then finding out he was, in fact, failing everything, etc. Never good things...and clearly not things I would know. Thankfully, I haven't had those in a while now because they were always very vivid and realistic...not like a normal dream...and disturbing. I'll happily not have another.


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Once when i had a friend who told me of a time when she was pregnant they felt a presence in their house watching them. It got to the point where they decided to move. As she was doing the last look around in the bedroom she got the feeling stronger than ever and that it was an older gentleman who wanted to assure her that everything was going to be alright.


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I have too many to share all of them but I will tell you the latest one. I turn my cell phone off from 9 P.M. - 9 A.M. One night at 3 A.M. it rings, I think, wow that is weird, I thought I turned it off, I say hello and no answer. 5 minutes later it rings again, I say hello and no answer. I go back to sleep thinking how odd. A few minutes later I have a dream of my grandmother and she said 'Those two phone calls were from me, I am going to help you.

After I went swimming I accidentally got my cell phone wet in my swimming bag. I took it to see if it can be fixed, it could not, guy told me to soak it in rice and hope for a miracle. I wake up to cell phone siri telling me she is calling a friend of mine, I thought no don't call her, its in the middle of the night and will scare her. It is a friend that is not even in my phone book on the phone, the only way we communicate is through Facebook. Looked at phone and it was dead, nothing was working.. Next day I send friend a message on FB, she lives on the east coast, she said she was so glad I wrote she was going through major problems and told me about them.

So much happens beyond this earth.


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I've never been to a medium, but I have had what I think are psychic dreams. When my grandfather was in ICU about 15 years ago, the doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. One night I had a dream in which my grandfather told me what was wrong. He pointed to his throat and said to me, "Can't you see what is wrong?" A couple days later, I told my dad that grandpa had a stroke that paralyzed his throat. The doctors said that was not what happened. A month later, he died, and the doctors finally admitted he really did have a stroke that paralyzed his throat.

I have had what I call psychic dreams about other situations, too.I think it runs on my grandma's side of the family. She was a devout Pentecostal who had the gift of prophecy. She had psychic dreams. All of us have pre-cognition to some degree, but one of my grandma's nieces said she knew a deceased loved one was watching over her when she would suddenly smell a bouquet of flowers, even though there were no flowers in the house.


My mother passed at Christmas in 2013. Both of my kids grew up playing with and loving Lego and she had lots of it at her house. They had so many fond memories of their Oma and the time spent with her. Each Christmas even as young adults I would put a small lego something for them to build in their stockings as nostalgia. That Christmas I was busy at the hospice and trying to arrange some type of holiday for the kids (adults really) who were then 25 and 27. I grabbed some stocking stuffers from Indigo not really paying attention as I had many things on my mind. My Mom passed on the 21st. Her funeral was on the 24th and that next morning I had the stockings hung with other minimal gifts just to bring some light to the day.

Lo and behold, My son opened his stocking and the small lego pack which I had not wrapped. It consisted of the following pieces: A grandmotherly like figure with round glasses just like my Mom, gray hair and wearing a purple sweater ..lilac being one of Mom's favourite colours. In addition there was a cat basket complete with white cat. You guessed it. Just like her white cat.

We were all stunned. A warm glow filled the room and through our tears and grief we just knew she was there. Thanks for starting this thread. Makes me realize there is so much more than what we just see. Hugs!


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Thank you so so much to all for sharing. Keep it coming. I love hearing about relatives who passed but still are here...just not quite on earth

I don't know if I can explain the newest weird occurrence but much has happened since my dad passed. And he inspired this thread. I will tell my latest dad story.

My dad gave me his car in his will. It is twelve years old and he was very attached to it but it was not in that great shape. My husband is a mechanic. Although we decided not to keep another car, we wanted it to stay in our family and Hunter has to drive a lot for work and his car is really bad on gas so my husband fixed it for him. It is a 4 cylinder.

Now my hubby fixed the auto windows, the air and mechanical issues but no matter how hard he tried, the lights on the dash would not turn off. Nothing was wrong with the car. It didn't need engine work, for example, but all the warning lights would not go off. My husband tried everything he knew then just called Hunter to tell him that the car was great, but told him that the car's warning lights were going to stay on and to just ignore them.

Hubby had been working on this car on and off for months and the lights always stayed on when he turned on the engine.

The day came last week when Hunter and Jumper came to get the car. They drove off and we got a call a few minutes later. This is just after I had told my Dad to myself that I hoped he was happy about the car being fixed and going to Hunter and Jumper The call to us was from Jumper saying that there were no warning lights on in the car. My husband was really baffled. REALLY stunned. I knew that had been a sign from my dad.

Those warning lights have never gone on again and it is a mystery both why they wouldn't go off then why they did.

But in my heart I know. I always felt weird Dad energy around his car. It was him letting me know he is still with me.
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To preface: I was alone in the house at the time.

Several years ago, I was taking an afternoon nap when someone called my name. I woke up, startled, and decided I must have been dreaming.

A few days later, I saw in the obits that an old boyfriend of mine had passed on the day I heard my name called. I guess he stopped by to tell me goodbye.


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My sister said she woke up to a tapping on the window and a few minutes later she got a call that her mother in law passed away.

I was caring for a girlfriends dying husband and he was passing at home. Her girls were very young 2 and 5. It was 5 am and I was being relieved by another friend and we kept hearing giggles and chatter so we went to the girls rooms and they were sound asleep. We both felt a strange sensation and our flashlight flickered and we heard the giggling and chatter down in the family room where our friends husbands bed was. He was in a coma and he certainly wasn’t making any noise.
Earlier in the day prior to slipping into a coma he kept muttering it sounded like cockie and poppey....and we all figured he must be saying uncle Bobby, which was his wife’s uncle.

When his mother was awake we got to talking. I didn’t know her well and I approached the subject very gingerly. I told her the story of the giggles and chatterer, she sat down with a tear in her eye and said Oh My! It must have been Cockie and Poppey.

That’s when it hit me he was saying that and not Uncle Bobby. She said when he was a baby he would follow and giggle things that did not seem to be there and as he got older he said that he had 2 friends Cockie and Poppy. He insisted there were places at the table for them and bed time rituals. This went on for so long that she became very worried about her son. They took him to s therapist and over time these two friends faded away with the help of therapy.
My friends father died when he was a young boy and he was only 41 when he passed.
We decided to believe that these were his 2 guardian angles and they had resurfaced to carry him safely onward.


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It is comforting to believe that loved ones are waiting for us. When my mom who had altziemers was near to the end. My brother and sister in law came to visit . My sister in law said did my mother know. An older bald gentleman who smoked a pipe. We both said her dad. sister in law said he is here sitting on the corner of her bed.


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My father's father died before I was a widow. My grandmother never remarried, or even tried to date. When my parents moved us away from the town where we lived 3 miles from her to halfway across the country, she was incredibly distressed. No one in the family on her side or her husbands had really ever moved more than maybe an hour and a half away.

About 6 weeks after we moved I saw a strange man in the kitchen, but by the time I got there, he disappeared but the doors didn't open. They were noisy when they opened and I would have heard them as I was home alone and didn't have the tv or stereo on. A few weeks later I mentioned it to my brother and he told me he had seen the same guy. Same disappearing guy. I saw him 3 more times and then told my mother I had seen him twice. I didn't want her to take me to a doctor or anything (I was 13 and they already thought I was a bit strange!). She had me describe him carefully and describe what he was wearing. Then she told me not to EVER worry, that he was just making sure I was okay. That he was my grandfather and he was just checking up on us because he knew Grandma was really upset that we moved away.

I had seen photos of my grandfather, but when he appeared, he was in coveralls. In photos he was in dressy clothes or in his Army uniform, not his coveralls. When he appeared, he was in his work coveralls.

Years later, my grandmother was very sick. She was in a hospital bed in the living room. I came down for a glass of water in the middle of the night and he was sitting next to her, holding her hand. My aunt had been wondering if she was being badly affected by the medications and not recognizing people because Grandma kept saying that he was sitting with her when he had died years before. After I came down and saw him there, I knew Grandma was just sensing him there. Buy my aunt would not ever have believed me. Without talking in words, he let me know it was going to be VERY soon, and to take every moment I could. She went into the hospital 24 hours later. I kept sneaking into the hospital after visiting hours until I had to fly back to college. She died the day classes started that semester. On the day of her funeral, we overslept. We didn't wake up until the hangers rattled in the closet. The closet that had just been sealed against all drafts and had NO source of air movement. Grandpa used to wake my dad up every morning as a boy by rattling hangers as he got stuff out of that closet. Grandpa hated people being late. I think he woke us up in time to not be late to the funeral. ALL of us would have been late, the whole family including my aunt.

I could tell other stories too. It isn't that I have any great belief or disbelief. I have just lived through things I could not otherwise disprove.


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I've never brought this up before, and anyone who knows me, knows that I'm the ultimate skeptic, but this happened the winter after my husband died.

My sister and a couple of girlfriends were driving home from WI in a snowstorm when they got a flat tire. They made it off the road in a fairly desolate area and sat there trying to figure out what to do.

One of the women suddenly said "who's that!?" As a young man with long, wavy, black hair bound back from his face with a bandanna, dressed in a sheepskin jacket and high fringed boots, walked up to the car and offered to change their tire for them.

My sister did a double take, being the only one who recognized the young man, and freaked the hell out.

He changed their tire, put the damaged tire in the trunk, put up the jack and tire iron, said his goodbyes, and turned and walked back into the blowing snow.

My sister called me about 2 hours later, still slightly hysterical. All I could make out initially was that "Stu changed her tire, but he was 19 and he walked back into the snow and disappeared!"


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My Dad passed away in the hospital. my Wife and I were there from out of town and spent the night at their house. We slept in my dad’s room. Wife went to bed while I stayed up visiting. She swears she saw my Dad in the room. He told her he was getting a shirt.