Anyone have hypothyroidism????


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I was diagnosed today. I have been really tired lately, but attributed it to the stress I have had on me, but my TSH was 32---and dr. started me on 100 mcg of Synthoid. I don't know much about thyroid disease. Anyone want to share their wisdom???


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Yep.....have it. It can be a big deal SOMETIMES but usually once you get on medications and they get your levels in the normal range (between 0-4 ish) it's nothing more than taking your medications every day. It will probably take a couple of weeks before you notice a difference if not a little more. I initially lose a few pounds when I start my medications (was off for a while due to lack of insurance.) but even if you don't, you will feel so much better. It's easier to stay awake during the day, you have more energy and your brain isn't as sluggish.

When I was originally diagnosed, my level was around 67 or so. When I got tested recently once we got insurance was 167. You'll have to do periodic blood tests at first (about every 6 weeks or so) until they find the right dosage for you but once you only have to do it once a year unless there's a change.

I have noticed also, that a lot of people in my family have it. (mom, cousin, aunts, etc.) We're to the point now that when we all get together, if someone who doesn't have it says they have been feeling run down/tired, etc......the first the we ask is if they've been tested yet.

I'm not sure what kind of information you were looking for but hope that helps! (Oh, and be sure to take your medications on an empty stomach. It absorbs better that way)


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Thanks so much. I just talked to my bio-difficult child mom and her sisters (4 of them) all have thyroid problems. I hope that this mental fog goes away soon---I don't like feeling like this!


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I have it, too. You will lose the fog as your dose is regulated. You won't be as tired, either. I take 225 mcg a day. Take it at the same time every day, too.


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I've been trying to get my TSH regulated for three years. I'm just coming in to range (.5-5.0) now. I'm on 182.5 mcg per day. I need to take mine on an empty stomach at about 5:00 a.m. (I wish I was kidding) for it to work right.
I would highly recommend the book "Thyroid for Dummies". Yep, they really have one. It will help you learn necessary stuff.
Don't be afraid of the 32. It stinks, but not unheard of. I've heard of over 100's before.
P.S. A good Endo is hard to find!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have new seen an endo. Do I need one? I don't really see the dr. much at all. I like my GP's (two of 'em)---one Dr. McDreamy and one George (for all you GA fans). I knew I was tired---but attributed it all to the pneumonia in Jan. and the stress from deaths and difficult child. I had some blood work done at work with one of the companies that comes in a does a panel for cheap. I got a letter from them several weeks ago---right around father in law's death that said "based on your results, you need to see your doctor." I looked at the results, saw my cholesterol was a little high and thought I would see the dr. the next time I was sick. Yesterday the complete report came in and some co-workers and I were comparing results. One of them looked at mine and pointed out the abnormal thyroid test---who knows when I would have gone to the dr. if she hadn't have said something.


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katmom, I don't understand your TSH at 32, so would you explain it to me? I just had mine checked in April and it was 5.25 and my dr thought it was low. She has me on 50mcg of Luvoxyl and wants more bloodwork in three months. My point in asking is I think I'm comparing apples to oranges and I'd like to make sense of it. Your's at 32 and mine at 5.25 doesn't sound right. I've been on the luvoxyl for about ten days and I don't notice any difference, yet. The only symptom I had (and didn't know it) was that I was "sleepy" and I've never been sleepy; tired maybe, but not actually sleepy.

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Kat, I have Hypothyroidism too, diagnosis in 1996, I was practically comatose for 3 months before I was diagnosis. once on medications I felt normal like night and day.

I have been regularly tested for the past 11 or so years and my levels have always been fine, on the other hand I still continue to have symptoms, extremly dry skn, constipation, weight gain etc..

Also, my Endo specialist has linked it loosly to my infertility. It is an autoimmune disorder and I also have Premature ovarian failure which has been thought to be connected to thyroid disorders. That cant be proven though.

Once on medications you will feel wayyyy better.



Not much to offer you here. Never even heard of it until about a month ago when my dog was diagnosed with it. lol. She has been on medication for about a month, don't notice much of weight loss, but definate energy increase. Again..don't know how that relates to the human side.


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Pamela--I'm not real sure---everything I've read said that ideal TSH is .50-5.50. I am taking Levothyroxine (generic synthroid) 100 mcg. The doctor explained to me that high TSH levels show that the thyroid is working harder to produce T3 and T4 hormones and the hypothalamus then reads the levels and produces more TSH. This is all new to me. My symptoms were joint pain, depression, and dry skin and hair---no weight gain. I had actually been losing weight and apparently on the medications I will lose a few more pounds. I am by no means overweight---I'm 5'4" and 135 lbs.


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Hmmmm, I don't understand it much myself. I was diagnosis just a month ago or so. I have dry skin and I'm depressed despite being on Wellbutrin. Maybe this thyroid medication will do the trick. I was just surprised my doctor put me on any thyroid medication since my #s were still in the suggested range. I've read a little and from what I gather there is some concern that there should be a narrower range with the top end being 3.0. That would justify her putting me on a low dose, I guess. I've been on it about three weeks, but I don't notice any difference. I just hate being on medications I may not need.

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I have Hypothyroidism-diagnosis when I was 26. For me it was found on a routine blood test. I've taken thryoid medications for years and never had any problems with it. My sister has it too but had more issues with her. husband also has it but his started with hyperthyroidism. difficult child has it as well due to when he was taking Lithium.

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I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was 18 (and I'm 52 now). I've been on Synthroid all these years. I have my blood levels checked once/year. Only once have I had to have my dosage changed. I don't recall having symptoms. Mine was found in a routine check-up when the dr. felt my neck and I had a thyroid uptake test done (something with dye), and he said I had a nontoxic goiter.

It does seem to run in families. My mom, brother, and both my sisters have it. I try to encourage my daughters to get the blood test for it, but they have not done so yet.