Anyone on Weight Watchers???

saving grace

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I joined WW 3 weeks ago, I have access to their website and the tools but frankly I dont like it. Its not user friendly and the messege boards I find to be not so friendly either.

Anyone here care to share??


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I work for weight watcher on a very parttime basis (only on Sat. mornings). I really like the program as I lost 70 pounds at one point on it. I'm sorry the message boards haven't been friendly. I have to be honest and say I don't really use the web site much at all. For me I always liked the support I found at the meetings.


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I am WW onine member. The Plan Manager online is a little wanky. If you want to track points, go under the plan manager box and click original points tracker. It takes some getting used to. Please feel free to PM me with questons.

As for the boards, stay away from the Daily/General Thread and Newbies get Acquainted thread. The ladies there are ruthless and I don't know why WW lets them continue. They were very rude to me also. I post under Challenge Central in the Nascar Challenge thread and under the 40's in the Book Lover's Thread. They are really nice there.

You may wanna checkout DWLZ as well. There boards are great and they have a chat full of wonderful ladies. Look for me thre most everynite, I am known as Tomsshrinkingwife.

Please don't give up on WW and I hope to see you soon.


saving grace

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Thanks! I joined about a year ago strictly online and ended up quitting because I didnt like the experience. I joined again about 3 weeks ago and I go to meetings on Friday mornings and get weighed in. I do go to DWLZ ocassionally but mostly for points for things at restaurants. I will check out her messege board as well as the others you mentioned.

Yes they are "ruthless" I guess I am used to this board and some others I frequent and just kept getting a cold shoulder there.

I will look for you

Grace :smile:


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I'm back on WW. I wasn't very successful last time because I'm not a "meeting" type of person. I'm counting my points alone this time and so far so good. I bought the kit at one of the meetings I tried last time and it is very helpful.