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Here I am again with that lovely feeling in my stomach - the gut punch of motherhood....

My son is in jail (is this really my life) and did not receive bond. His hearing is April 18 but may be delayed.

On this episode of my son's life: He is getting beat up in jail....mainly because he can't keep to himself, Two nights ago, he was jumped by someone who used soap as a weapon. We can't talk about the reasons He was beaten up pretty badly....He was moved to the maximum security section where everything is taped. He sounded like he got a good cellmate. The new cellmate who sounds a little older but knows his way around the jail - he set my son up on these tablets where they can watch movies, send texts through the approved app to registered persons (like myself), and make video calls to registered users. We were planning Occupational Therapist (OT) do a video call this morning, but he didn't show up. I knew something was wrong when he didn't show up.

He called me three hours later and told me he is now in the psychiatric ward for an evaluation. Last night at 4 am, he decided he wanted some oatmeal and said someone had given him permission to get it (this I doubt - I think he could have imagined it)....he got into an argument with another prisoner and the deputy said he was talking to himself (he DOES that)....he said the deputy mentioned schizophrenia, Borderline (BPD) and something else, He was evaluated twice for schizophrenia and both times they did not think he had it. He was diagnosed before with PTSD and ADHD and delusions....he doesn't really fit with Borderline (BPD) because he was missing a huge part of that, which is suicide risk. He was never one to be suicidal. I participated in a 6-week course on Borderline (BPD) and did not feel he had the symptoms. I think he had delusions, but not Borderline (BPD). He said that he might get medication.

I am grieving a bit. I am grieving who my son could have been. How this feels like a lifetime weight that I have to carry on my back. I don't know where he will go when he is released as he is mentally ill and I cannot have him here. it is too dangerous for us.

He reached out to me again a few minutes ago and I could tell he sounded better. but i think he is just masking the fear that they are going to find out about his mental illness.

Anyone with adult children in jail - did they go on medications in jail?

I did talk with my doctor, who gave me a prescription for acute anxiety. It is delayed though and I could have really used it today.

I am lucky to have such a good support system with this board, my daughter, and my husband. For this, I thank you with all of my heart. I don't know what I would do without this board....


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I am so very sorry that this is happening to him, it’s a parents worst nightmare with them being in jail. I am very heartbroken for you both. At least at the jail my daughter is in….we live in Florida, yes they can receive medication while in jail. My daughter told me that the psychiatrist comes there once a month and she needed to make an appointment with before to be seen. But here is the thing, these medications when new can increase feelings of suicide. My daughter said the medication she finally received made her have memories that she did not want to deal with and she tried killing herself in jail. As lovemysons said they need a mood stabilizer as well with the antidepressants/psychotic medications. They need to be watched until it is known they are safe taking this new medication but, doubt that happens. 😢

They just are not treated as human beings in these jails! In another jail my daughter had an ear infection that they let go until her eardrum popped and her ear bled……THEN they gave her antibiotics. Most of them will come out of jail with lice in their hair, it’s the first thing we did when she got out, shampoo with lice soap.

I pray with all my heart he receives the treatment he needs and for them to stop beating on him. 🙏

Big hugs!! ❤️


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Anyone with adult children in jail - did they go on medications in jail?
My adult son is mentally ill. He is not in jail. However, I worked in psychiatry in prisons for over 30 years. In my state, it is customary to put inmates who exhibit psychosis on medications if they consent. If they are involuntarily hospitalized and are deemed to be a danger to self, and others or are gravely disabled they can be put on medications without consenting. It sounds as if this might be your son's situation

Frequently people who can't keep to themselves, don't have good boundaries, or look vulnerable, are targeted in prison. There are also strong racial boundaries. It is in the interest of the jail to house your son and others, where they will be safe and to minimize problems for him and others. It's not clear to me if your son was placed in maximum security or in a protective custody situation. But eventually, the jail will get it right and place him where he will be less likely to attract attention and be picked on or harmed.

The thing inmates come to understand if they can is that in jail or prison, they need to take responsibility for themselves. By following rules, and minding one's own business. When my son was younger crazily I hoped he would go to prison because I knew that there he would learn how to grow up and be a man. There is a saying, "man up." That is what I wanted for my son. He's yet to achieve it. Maybe he can't.
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