Anyone Who Could, Prayers Appreciated

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. susiestar

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    My mom had a hip replacement two weeks ago. She fell off the back porch while coming up the stairs on Fri, pulling my dad over on top of her. She was coming home from an appointment.

    I saw her the next day and she was a mess. I could tell something was quite wrong though. I urged my dad to get her checked out, but I was 'overreacting', so I had to let it drop.WHY am I always accused of overreacting when I tell them something is really wrong? I hate that. Within 24 hours they are ALWAYS at the ER if I say that. It only happens every 3-4 years. But I am not ever wrong. Sigh.

    Wiz let us know it was not the head injury (facial bruises) that caused the problem. She may have a broken collarbone or shoulder, or some similar injury. She is at the local hospital. We won't know until tomorrow most likely.
  2. Pink Elephant

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    I will keep both you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers, Susie.
  3. KTMom91

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    Sending hugs and good thoughts, Susie. Hope your mom isn't in too much pain.
  4. GoingNorth

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    Sending good thoughts to your mom, Susie. If she's elderly, especially if she's frail,

    She might do better with a walker or quad cane for a bit until she gets used to the new hip. According to my late husband, who had a hip replaced in his late 30s, the "feel" and balance are completely different. I know he nearly lost his balance a few times in the first 3 most or so, and he went into the surgery quite physically fit.

    The issue with your dad making light of someone else's needs, especially his wife's, though...ugh!
  5. pigless in VA

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    Sending along some healing vibes for your mother ~~~~~~~~~~
  6. ForeverSpring

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    Prayers, light and healing vibes to you and your mother.
  7. pasajes4

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    prayers going up
  8. AppleCori

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    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way!
  9. Copabanana

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    Praying for your Mother and for you.
  10. RN0441

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    Prayers for your momma.
  11. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Sending prayers and good thoughts to you and all your family.

    Love, Esther
  12. PonyGirl65

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    Adding my prayers to you and yours
    ~ Peace
  13. susiestar

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    Thanks everyone! Have not heard from them yet today. It is early for them to be in contact. I wait until mid afternoon to call them usually.

    My dad always thinks he knows best and that I am overreacting. It is the family dynamic for some horrible reason. drives me nuts. I will say the shoulder issue was one I didn't see coming. She was moving her arms fine and not complaining about her shoulders at all when I was there.

    Gone, my dad is an Aspie and the one thing he does NOT cope with is my mom not being well. He makes jokes because that is how he copes, but he truly is barely hanging on when she is in pain. She is the center of his world, the one thing that he truly must have to cope. He handled his own open heart surgery FAR better than he has handled her hip problems. He has been an over protective grumpy bear who makes the strangest jokes at the strangest times during this process.

    She uses a walker most of the time, but for some strange reason was going up the stairs using a cane. Dad has fixed that problem. The stairs have been replaced with a ramp. I think my brother worked until midnight last night getting it done.

    I truly appreciate the prayers. They mean a whole lot to me. I hate having my mom in so much pain. She has chronic health problems and has had many, many surgeries over the years. I just hope this helps her be more mobile and able to do the things she wants to do.
  14. AnnieO

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    Prayers are on their way... I'm a little late!
  15. GoingNorth

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    Hopefully, her new hip, if she follows rehab instructions for exercises, etc., exactly, will giver more mobility and a lot less pain.

    husband had been aserious athlete when he lost his hip to aseptic necrosis, a condition that occurs in severly alcoholic and severely malnourishsed folks. husband was neither, but was very physically active (running, hiking, and martial arts. He continued with his martial arts during recovery, and was religious about doing and going to physical therapy. It is thought in his case the aseptic necrosis was due to a heavy fall on the job that tore away the blood supply to the joint, causing it to eventually die.

    Unfortunatley, when he was cleared to return to normal activity,he went back to running...on Chicago's paved streets and alleys. The replacement failed after 3years and by that time he was too ill to tolerative a revision of the joint.

    Instead they fused the joint,leaving him only ablet o walk a few steps with a walker, which he used in the house. He used a mobility scooter for the rest. Still did martial arts, both for core and arm andchest strength, and to maintain what strengh he could in his legs.

    There are exercise/PT aimed at elderly hip cases. I also recommed, once y our mom is a bit over this latest injury, that she seek out a Feldenkreis practitioner. This specialized physical therapy works on aligning the entire body and helped Stu with not only being able to keep his balance much better, it also made him able do "marital stuff" without risk of damaging the fusion or any other important stuff.

    So, it's super important what you get active on the hip asap, and that you therapy as assigned, you also have realize that artificial hips aren't as good as the real thing.

    Make sure mom works out a realistic plan of recovery and ongoing exercise w ith her hip.

    If your family can afford it, and if theylive in a housing situation where they can do it, i highly recommend a walk in tub for your mom. I wanted one so bad, not just for Stu, but for me as my knees were finding it harder and harder to get up out of a tub. We looked into it, but found that our bathroom wasn't suitable/sturd y enough.

    Good luck and hugs to all of you. It's gonna be a rough road for all of you; not least your mother.
  16. Wiped Out

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    Adding in prayers.
  17. mof

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    Sending well wishes
  18. FlowerGarden

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    Any update on your mom?
  19. HMBgal

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    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  20. GoingNorth

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    Just to give you an idea of what difference a hip replacement can make: husband had to be sedated in the recovery room immediately after his hip replacement because his hip felt so much BETTER that he kept trying to get out of the bed and walk around!