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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Nomad, Jan 27, 2008.

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    BIG hugs for the drama. I guess it couldn't hurt to ask for more time. Legally I don't know if she can evict her like she is - check the lease.

    I am NO HELP (type larger NO HELP) this week with finding any assisted living (have my own deal going on - sorry) lol.

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    Hubby and I are landlords. Here in the state of Wisconsin, an eviction notice is served through the court system. If we were to have an eviction notice served and the tenant asked us for more time, we could give it to them. It all depends on the landlord. The lease is legally null and void if eviction papers are served, based upon the reason.

    Again as a landlord, if there are any signs of drug use in or on the property by a tenant, and we know there is a problem, the state could legally take the house as a "drug property". It doesn't matter who is doing the drugs, whether the tenant themselves and/or friends.

    I'm hoping you can work something out with the landlord to give her and yourselves more time. Good luck!
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    Hugs from here too. No help with the eviction part but I did have a thought on other housing. Not sure how feasable it would be for your difficult child, but still an idea. In my town there are some senior citizen housing. Normally you have to be a certain age but there are usually a set number of apartments available for the disabled. Rent is set according to income also. Any chance there's something like this in your area?
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    Thank you to those who responded...it was very helpful.
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