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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I finally got an appointment for the next step, the epidural injection. I am so glad to have the appointment made. I am not sure it will be helpful, and it will probablygive me a migraine, but it is a chance to not have pain so I will take it.

    I had to be really firm with the scheduler. This is the 4th time they told me the doctor had not reviewed my chart to approve scheduling me. I asked why it took so long, no answer. This time I was firm that I wanted a yes or no as to whether or not they would treat me. Just yes or no. If no, I would get another referral to another doctor.

    The woman left me on hold where they repeatedly told me that they "understood patients are in pain so they schedule them to get in much sooner than other doctors do". I thought it was insulting, but saved my comments for things that might help.

    Finally she got an answer from someone. So she scheduled me for Nov 6. Only11 days away!! Can't wait!!!

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    I am so glad you can move to the next step. Hopefully it will help.

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    You'd think you wouldn't have so much trouble getting a yes or no outta them. sheesh

    Glad you got your appoint. Keeping fingers crossed it doesn't cause a migraine and gets a grip on the pain.

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    Hoping the epidural gives you some relief.....And you have the right attitude when it comes to dealing with the health system....keep them on the phone and keep asking in a calm manner when you can get in? And throwing in the other doctor gets them in a competitive mode.....GOOD FOR YOU!!!

    :bravo: :doctor: :flower: :nurse:
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    That's excellent susie - I hope you get some major relief.
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    Good luck!
    What a weird way to schedule ... b4 the dr has time to review? Sounds pretty disorganized. Glad I don't work there!
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    Thanks all. Terry, the docs have had ample time (almost 3 weeks) to review, they just haven't. I would have been OK with a no, just wanted to KNOW. The pain is horrendous, the best chiro I know looked at teh MRI and said no way I will treat. So, I need to get this done.

    I think this practice was waiting for me to go away. Not little ole me.

    Thanks again ladies!

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    Somewhere in TExas is supposed to be the best back and spine clinic in the world. COuld you get an appointment there to be looked at? A friend of mine from years ago had a brother that was paralyzed from the neck down. He went there, did the therapy and surgery and more therapy and now left walking on crutches. Do you or anyone know where this is and would it help?

    Hugs for the owie! You get a lolly for being a good girl. I'm going to go have another boozy milkshake.

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    Not sure what clinic in TX youare talking about. To go out of a 70 mile radius I have to fight with the insurance co. Not that the insurance co ever wins against me (cause so far they haven't!) but I am not sure which clinic you speak of.

    Willing to try anything.