Let me re-interduce myself….

It has been several years since I stopped visiting. I am the mother of 2 difficult child’s, Joe and Jacob. I am no longer in contact with Joe, he was gaslighting, stealing, on drugs, off drugs, taking advantage of everyone. I had no choice but to cut contact. Jacob, is okay, not great, still trying to get his stuff together, a year out of a toxic relationship. We are a work in progress.

My dear granddaughter, Kira, Jacob and Lydia’s child, is 7 and has many issues. I have been more concerned lately. She has said and done a number of things that are questionable. Some of this medication might be to blame. Long story short we (me and medication doctor) upped her Zoloft and got some pretty aggressive side effects. She told her best friend that she was going to kill her baby bunnies and the mommy bunny when she was mad! I was shocked and upset. Kira only really has 4 emotions scared, sad, angry and nervous. The school has mentioned several times over the last year that Kira has pushed. Now 90% of the time this happens during transition times. The couple other times it was at free time or free play. Honestly, they didn’t say much of anything until the rabbit incident happened and then they went so far overboard that they had started to pick on everything she does, ugh. School is out in a couple weeks and I can’t wait!

I am here now because I have no where else to turn. Kira has tons of doctors and therapists. She has an occupation therapist that has been with her for more then 3 years, speech therapist is fairly new but Kira has been in speech for 4.5 years, play therapy for 2 years, medication doctor for 2 years, etc. She has an MRI and genetic testing and an another pysch testing scheduled. She has already had 2 sets of psychiatric testing but they will not schedule neuropsychologist testing until after the MRI scheduled for September. She just seems to be having more and more social and emotional issues now. I just don’t know what to do?
Dear @DramaQueenLucy I hope you are managing okay during this difficult time and I just wanted to reach out and offer some support. I am an adult who was diagnosed with ODD, anxiety and depression quite young and can relate to both you and Kira in this situation. I was first medicated with Prozac at age 4 and definitely had some ups and downs during dosage adjustments. I remain on a medication cocktail today and credit the fact that I've managed to survive as an adult with continued treatment. You are clearly doing everything you can for Kira and I commend you - do not feel bad about the medication increase as you made this decision with good intentions. I'm not sure where things are at now since your post is a few weeks old, but sometimes it can be best to wait out dosage increases. In any case, talk to her medication doctor and try to figure out a plan.

For me growing up, higher levels and sometimes multiple medications were required to manage behavior and emotion so don't give up hope here...unfortunately, managing medications may just be a challenge you have to face with Kira.