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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gwenny, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Just wanted some advise on how to handle myself. Last week I walked out of the cft meeting out of fustration and tired of being attacked. So tomorrow is the psychiatrist appointment and its at the group home managers office, which is the woman I had the problem with. Part of me does not want to go and everyone else says to go..

    How would you handle her?

    Thank you all.
  2. crazymama30

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    try to remain calm, cool and collected. If you have issues/questions write them down in a non confrontational manner, so that you can try to have them addressed. What happened? I will look back and see if I missed a post somewhere. I am assuming that they are blaming you for your step son's problems
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    Stay strong

    Be sure of your words

    Keep things objectionable (vs. personable)

    Don't allow any comment that you believe is on the personal level to be taken further (in other words, pretend you did not hear the personal level of the comment and pull it back into context of the meeting). Send a strong message that you will not address any personable issues.

    Keep the focus on the goals of the meeting

    Write down what you want to see from the meeting and don't leave until all those concerns/areas have been addressed

    Remember, she is only human. Sometimes humans in positions of authority like to present themselves as the most important and all knowing person at that meeting. You are equal to her and your input is just as important. Don't let her make you feel inferior. Be professional as to how you present your input.

    Stand your ground and make her understand your side. Not saying your side will be the answer, however, she needs to hear other points of views and everyone on the TEAM needs to respect all points of views in making a decision.
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    Yes that's exactly the problem. difficult child blames me for all his problems. But his mother sent him here to us because she couldnt handle him anymore. He did the same behaviors there and of course difficult child finds an excuse for anything or blame to place on someone for his problems he has caused. We do have the bio-mom writing a letter describing the pain and suffering difficult child caused her and she will have it notirized so there are no disputeing where it came from.