Article on slower brain development in ADHD kids.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ysne58, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. ysne58

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    There is a very interesting article about the results of a study showing that kids with ADHD have slower brain development in the higher functions of the brain than non adhd kids. Its further proof that this isn't a made up condition as certain quacks out there claim.,8599,1683069,00.html
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    Thank you. This corroborates something our therapist has always said about my difficult child, that she was 2-3 years behind emotionally and in her maturity level. I have seen strides the last couple years, and the last year particularly so.
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    I love it!!!!!!

    A friend emailed it to me. I've been emailing the image to friends for the past few min., LOL!
  4. Sara PA

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    Actually, this is saying that it isn't a disorder but slower maturation.
    Normal but delayed development. Like a healthy normal girl who doesn't get her period until she's 14 or a boy who gets his growth spurts later than most.

    Unless and until they discover that there is some pathological cause of the this slower maturation, it's just a form of normal.
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    I can't wait until they get something like this as a legit form of "proof" for ADHD.

    Thanks for the post!