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    In exploring the site of the artist who did the Charlie Brown painting, I found a link to a software program that was designed to help artists realize what muscle movements result in expressions.

    It is free to use online and if you wish to download it there is a fee.

    It is being used to help psychologists decode facial expressions. I thought it might help our Aspies and other autistic spectrum disordered kids learn what facial expressions mean. A sort of "magic decoder" if you will.

    Her is the URL:

    The creator is Victoria Contreras Flores and it is called ARtnatomy. It was created in Spain in 2005.
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    Very interesting. Hadn't heard of it b4.
    It was difficult to read because Ms Flores didn't use a professional translator, but all-in-all, an interesting and useful tool. I hope she is successful with it.
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    I only read the intro blurb and then went to the program. It shows how various muscles work, where they are located and what they are like. It also can show how a movement of those muscles can make your expresson change.

    I was thinking it might be a help for our Aspies so they could connect an expression to a mood. There is a part of the picture that shows what expression is caused by any muscle group.