Assistive Technology: A Key to Success

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    thanks so much for posting this! I found a great website, Technical Assistance Reliance, by reading the article!

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    The pen sounds fascinating. My 9th grade easy child is very dyslexic and is twice exceptional as well (verbal IQ over 130, PIQ 35 points lower). He gets copies of class notes but since he is college bound, I want him to learn to take notes. I am going to ask our sped director about it. They have already signed him up for a service ( where he will have computer access to all novels and books (not textbooks) the class will read and in the past have provided him with a laptop and Dragon Naturally Speaking. Now that he is back in district with computers in each classroom, he no longer gets a laptop...

    Honestly, I might ask for a pen for my 6th grader who has an aide scribing his notes for him.

    Thanks for the link.