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    do you say something to an ex. easy child being 17 handles most things with her father at this point. However he has been a putz to the max lately. Every time she gets off the phone with him she is upset or in tears.

    Most of it has to do with the trip she has been raising money to take. I have been making regular payments on it but stress is to the hilt as to whether or not when the final bill is due if we will have quite enough. It is going to be close. With very little help from him.

    He is so negative about the whole thing. Has been from the get go. But making her cry all the time has got to stop. I know she isn't keen on me stepping in. She wrote him an email (I have no idea what it said) and just got off the phone with him about it. Major upset this time.

    She heard me over here typing and asked if I was emailing him. I told her no that if I were to do something like that I would tell her first. I have enough respect for her to not let her get blindsided by something I have done.

    It is lucky for him we are 1000 miles apart or I might get in his face at this point. Though I know it wouldn't solve anything I certainly would feel better.

    I have alot on my plate and this is one of the biggies. The money for this trip. Every dime I make I put into payments. We delivered phone books. Every dime from that went into it. And so on.

    husband and I have postponed spending our tax refund (we realing need a new fridge but are making do with the decrepit one). It will get us almost to the end if nothing goes wrong. Um that is the part that scares the poo out of me because in the almost 7 years we have been together we can't go this long without something going wrong. It isn't allowed in the cosmic equilibrium.

    There is a reason easy child's father is an ex, I just am reading to make him ex(tinct).

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    You have a very good kid there. I'm impressed that she wants to handle this with her dad by herself. I pray that you defy the cosmic odds and nothing goes wrong!
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    I have stepped in, and still do, when Miss KT is no longer able to handle the situation. Although having a chat with Useless Boy is not on my list of fun things to do, if my kid needs my help, I'll chat.
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    Do you think talking with him will do any good? If not, as long as she doesn't want you stepping in, don't.

    The tears are easy child learning the person her father really is, instead of the little girl image she has nartually built up for him over the years. It's a painful lesson, but in my opinion a valuable one she will learn much from.

    Saying prayers nothing goes wrong and she gets to go. Poor kid.