Autistic Spectrum folks and 'face reading'


Crazy Cat Lady
musicmom, your sister will have to find another place to live as they are tearing down the rest of the highrises beginning this year. Bulk of people in them currently are squatters anyway.

They are re-homing the people they are moving out either with Section 8 (rent assistance vouchers) or by moving them into newer, smaller complexes, mostly 'mixed-use', meaning a mixture of people from the projects and those paying a fortune to live in these urban subdivisions (gated communities) so far, despite the most stringent screening possible, it just ain't working...might have had a chance of working if they'd bothered with teaching living skills starting oh...about 10 years ago when they first decided to close down Cabrini-Green.

Sidelight...the whole 'project' thing in Chicago was designed to be temporary housing for 6-12 months while people got on their feet. While Cabrini has always been nasty from a quality of life standpoint, several other 'projects' in Chicago were actually very nice when first built and used for their planned purpose. It's the 3rd and on generation families now...sigh...and 60 years ago there were HUGE supports in place to get these families back on their feet and back in the world.

Some projects work very well. When I first moved to TN with husband and we were apt hunting, we found a lovely apt complex complete with some rental townhomes, had a gym, a pool, a park, all of that. I was quite disgruntled to find that *we* weren't allowed to live there because *we* weren't on public assistance. husband was from Detroit. I'm from cannot imagine our reaction...we both looked at each other and said: "THIS is a PROJECT??!!!"