Baby sign language for those with-children with-speech problems


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i know when i suggested baby sign to wildflower she did find a site & used sign with-her easy child. it worked well for them. hopefully the next time she checks in she'll give a personal testimonial.

kris :wink:


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And here I am!

Yes, at Kris' suggestion, we used baby sign language for easy child, as he was very slow to develop language skills (was nearly 24 months before saying anything more than "mama", "papa," etc. We just used the basic signs for hungry, diaper change, yes, no, thirsty, go for a walk, and some others. It was very easy to learn - even over the Internet - and it gave easy child an opportunity to communicate. I honestly believe that baby sign helped us to keep easy child from going difficult child on us. I only wish I had known about it for difficult child ...


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We started baby sign with our 25 month old recently, and what a difference it made for us! She is now starting to use some verbal language (26 months). I recommend it to any parent who's child is having speech delays! Cut easy child's frustration down considerably!
I have a friend with deaf/blind triplets and they use some sign. They are going to be 4 next month. Needless to say they are quite behind but the sign has lessened their frustration a little. I have also heard of people making up their own signs for things. I tried that with my now almost 3 yr old but wasn't consistent enough to make it work. Besides, he turned out to be a chatter box anyhow. He is a crack up. Tons of personality!