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    I haven't been on in a while, but have been very busy with a lot of issues that have come up with my daughter.

    She's stopped seeing the child psychologist she had been seeing because she was declared "cured" of her ODD. She's since started school, which made for interesting times. She was great at school, but at home she started turning into the devil child. I talked to the school and got a therapist for her to see there. All was going fairly well until summer vacation and she wasn't seeing that therapist for a couple months.

    Summer started off good, even on our mother/daughter trip but the drive back changed it all. We were in the middle of a tragic accident, but somehow managed to escape without even a scratch. I'm talking 18 vehicles, 3 tanker trucks, numerous flipped, sideswiped, crushed vehicles as well as a few that were pushed under the trailers of the tankers ... and fortunately I kicked into emergency mode and pounded on the hazards so the tanker racing up behind us knew there was trouble ahead. I was so glad that I'd remembered to bring the portable DVD player and that my truck has AC in it. I kept her occupied watching DVD's cranked as loud as possible through the truck stereo to drown out the screams of agony filtering in. I've since had her in therapy to deal with what she saw with that accident, and she's back to feeling safer in the truck again.

    Overall, she's been fairly good, but her bad moments have been getting a lot worse. She attempted to stab me with a steak knife during the summer, so I called the police for help. While we were waiting for them to show up, she started talking about wanting to slice her wrists and kill herself. Cops show up, lecture me about being a bad parent and telling me I shouldn't have been a parent since I can't control my 5 year old. I explained ODD and that she's got that, but that still didn't stop the lecture to me. My daughter was told by this cop that if I don't do something that she likes that she's more than welcome to call them back. They reported me to CPS, which I actually thanked them for.

    I called and talked to CPS and they said to me that it sounded as though my safety was in jeopardy, and to call and talk to the police. I told them I did, and what the outcome of that was. I actually begged them to put my daughter into a foster home for a few days just so I could get a break - they didn't. I did have CPS come out to my house to talk to me, and they gave me even more options with possible resources. CPS advised me that the police told them that I need to get rid of all sharp knives (and I'm a chef by trade). I've altered the kitchen so that I could put a door on it and padlock it shut, and I've made a box for every sharp knife in the house to fit in the pouch on the box of my truck.

    I'll shorten it down now. I'm waiting on a family guidance counselor to call me back to find out if I qualify for their help. The only thing that might be a problem with that is that my daughter is under 12 yrs old. If that doesn't work, I've been told how to get her in with mental health. I've got her seeing her therapist in the school again. It's been slow but the therapist in the school is finally starting to make a difference with my daughter again.
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    Busy, much?!! Holy cow - what a summer!

    Have you had any luck getting a neuropsychologist done to figure out what's going on? You know, in your spare time and all! I'm really glad that you were so "on it" when it came to that accident...that's a pretty messed up situation to be in. Isn't it amazing how common sense prevails in a situation like that?

    Glad you're back! Keep us posted!

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    I haven't been able to get her in to a neuropsychologist yet. The family doctor here isn't sure if I'm going to have to travel out of province or not to see one. I'm still trying though.

    That accident scared the bajeebies out of me, but thankfully it hasn't affected my little girl too much. She talks about it still, but only about the tanker that was behind us and about how I hugged the trucker and thanked him for not hitting us. I think she thought I was nuts, but I was just really appreciative.

    I do have some good news about my daughter though. She's seen her therapist at the school a few times now and is starting to get "better" again! The cussing has calmed down quite a bit, and she hasn't tried to stab me again. She seems a lot calmer now :D It must be time for me to have another talk with her therapist again, and her teachers. Whatever they're talking to her about, anger management as well, I need to know so I can do the same at home here. It's been actually really nice this past week, not having things thrown at me, being screamed in my face, ignored etc. I'm relieved it's been a good week :D

    I have been getting her to help me out with things that I know she enjoys. I've been teaching her how to bake, and letting her take her frustrations out with a hammer while I've been demolishing one room (doing renovations). husband has been getting her to help him with building a bigger and better (and insulated) dog kennel outside. We've also been guiding her in dog training as well, since we've got 3 bouncy over eager labs here. She's been told that next year she will get to ride the rideon mower with husband to help cut the pastures and mow the lawns, so she's looking forward to that.