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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by guest3, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. guest3

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    today in home therapist told
  2. Liahona

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    Glad you're getting some help. Hope it works out for ya.
  3. busywend

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    Sounds like a perk to me!

    Hope it works out!

  4. Alisonlg

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    Nice! Definitely something I'd take full advantage of! Hopefully it's a positive step!
  5. Janna

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    Wonder if that's like a TSS? We had one of those, was 4 hours a week, though.

    He was great, came in the house, taught me how to use charts and stuff, helped with behavior issues. "ODD" type stuff. Defiance and that.

    Sounds cool, hope it works!
  6. TerryJ2

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    Gosh, I want one! Let us know how it goes.