Best Place/Way to Sell an Ipod?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Nov 27, 2013.

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    A few weeks ago we got a big batch of stuff from freecycle that included clothes, books and what was called 'misc household stuff'. In that "stuff" we found 3 mp3 players. One is of unknown variety and is a little clip model, and 2 are iPods. We don't have a cord for the clip one or one of the iPods, but the iPod touch 8gb actually charges and works. I emailed the person who gave us the stuff and she says it was not a mistake to have them in the box. I even offered to give them back and she did not want them, not even to sell.

    Jess was thrilled until she found she had to buy her music all over again from iTunes. I don't think she needs that expensive a model of mp3 player AT ALL because she isn't great at keeping track of them. Even if she could load her music, this isn't the mp3 player for her.

    What is the best way to sell these? I don't really know the value or the resale value, but I don't want to get ripped off either. I figure the pawn shops would give us the worst value, and I am not real sure about craigslist. But they might make a good gift for someone for the holidays, and the money could go a long way for our own holiday shopping. I am super frugal for shopping (and used is not a problem for us for gifts), but some cash is needed up front, Know what I mean??

    Thanks for any advice.
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    I don't think she has to buy all of her music again, just sign in to the I-Store account. It's all there. She'll need to authorize the new computer if it has changed. If she's forgotten her password she probably set up hints or a phone number, so no worries there. I hope she'll try it.

    I don't think she'll get what she wants out of the pod unless it's a new model. Just a few bucks.
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    I just sold my ipod4 on craigs list for 150 dollars. It was less than a year old.
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    If you dont want it the best place to sell is on eBay. If you dont know how to do it, well send me pictures of it and all the info you have like the item number, model, etc and I can put it up for you. When it sells, I will just send you the info to mail it. Actually it would be easier if you sent me the iPod and I can sell it for you from here so I can get the discount on shipping through Paypal. I would ship it out, it automatically fills in the tracking number and then I would send you the money.

    However, you can easily sell on eBay yourself if you have ever used it before. If you dont have an eBay and Paypal account, you will need to set one up.