Best way to find housing for registered sex offender?


My challenging child is a poster boy for ADHD & was also diagnosed as oppositional defiant, although that diagnosis ends at adulthood?!? Despite our warnings, as an 18-19 yo, he chose a couple of minor girls (his mental age) for girlfriends. Sex was involved, at least some consentual. Parents prosecuted, perhaps to take blame away from their girls, perhaps because he's biracial, who knows. He's served his time but now has a lifetime on the Sex Offender registry.
We can't find any management company willing to rent to him due to this. In addition, he is on SSDI, has no job and a poor credit history. I am open to any ideas, suggestions, guidance folks have out there.
It's been several years since I've been here but I'm running out of ideas on my own.


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Tezzie, in order to try to help I'm about to ask you some potentially embarrassing questions. If you're uncomfortable answering them in the open forum please feel free to pm me. Just so you know, I'm a Case Manager for the Department of Corrections and have worked in the system for 23 years.

First off, was his release parole, cr, or max? The reason I ask is that if he is still on supervision then his Parole Officer will have MUCH more information than I do. They know the area and who is more likely to rent to a registered sex offender. For that matter, even if he is completely off of supervision, you may be able to get assistance from the local Probation and Parole office. Unfortunately, you are looking at an uphill battle as many more reputable land lords wont rent to convicted felons of any kind. You may have to go to the seedier rentals but honestly, you best bet will probably to be to rent from an individual versus a company. Much less likely to do a criminal background check that way. Just make sure that where ever he goes, he is in compliance with the regulations.

Second, while I wont ask the amount, I do need to ask if his SSDI is sufficient for him to survive from month to month in a cheapie apartment? A lot of land lords like people on disability because of the guaranteed income.

The more I think about this, the harder it is to come up with info for you. The problem is not knowing exactly where you are so here's the deal. This is what I do to help offenders find home plan information at work. First off, since you are NOT inside the institution, look into HUD or whatever government housing is available in your area. Second, google search "transitional housing for ex-offenders". You will have to wade through a bunch of crap to get what you need but it will help. I did that but, since google searches based on my zip code, it wont really help you much. Third, contact the nearest Probation and Parole office. They will have a lot of the local information sorted out already. If they cant help much, then contact any Minimum securing institutions in your state, especially if they have a reentry program. Any prison with a reentry program has a lot of this information already and while its doubtful that they will send you copies, they may be willing to at least e-mail you links to what they have. I have some friends in P&P here and will contact them to see if they have any advice as well and will let you know if I find something else out. Sorry I couldn't give you more.


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Hi Tezzie

I know how hard it is to find housing. I will tell you based upon my town. Your best bet is to look in areas around your downtown. Also, in areas just outside the City Limits, in the County. I agree with Jabber that your best bet is with private individual landlords. There is too much potential liability for apartment houses or property managers to rent to anybody with a felony.

There are online services that show where sex offenders live in every town in the Country. Why not use this to your advantage? If you search for where sex offenders live in your town, you will see the areas to target.

In my town there is a really nice area, with old cute houses where many sex offenders live. Maybe there is such an area in your town, too.

Good luck. Let us know how you do.

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The mobile home park in which I lived until very recently would rent to sex offenders who had committed "lesser" offenses such as "older boy with slightly underage girl" or similar, so that might be something to look into.

The apartment complex I am now renting in will not rent to felons of any kind nor to sex offenders. They do a full criminal background check in addition to the usual credit check on prospective tenants.

Your best bet might be to find a land owner who will rent a lot for you to set up a cheap mobile home on.

Such homes, in moveable condition, often hit the market for a few thousand dollars. They usually require a good bit of work, but the bulk of it is drywall and flooring work that can be done by anyone who is reasonably "handy" and who can look up instructions on the internet and use hand tools.