bigblue, i need your help..


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hi, im new to this site and in dire need of help. my 9yr. old difficult child has adhd/BiPolar (BP) poss. asp. we have been on fl kidcare for yrs. now after paying 15.00 o month we are being upped to 220.00 a month. there is no happy medium. without this insur. we are in trouble. her medications cost over 300.00 amonth plus counciling etc. she is doing so good right now. in jan. 05 if i dont come up with 220 we willbe dropped. im sooo afraid that she will hit rock bottom again. i cant do it all over again. i am at the end of my rope. i dont know much about programs that can help us. kidcare says we make way more than what we do. they count gross. but husband doesnt bring home what it sais. i work part time but for 7.50 hr. what can i do? ive checked on cms, but we dont quailfy for it either.


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Terri I am sooo sorry it has taken me so long to get to this. My computer is on the fritz again(long story which involves my difficult child to say the least), and so I am just now getting to get on by using my husbands' ISP. Anyway I really don't have an answer on what to do with the loss of your coverage. I have more expertise in helping people understand the coverage they have from their employers, and how to appeal decisions and benefits. I believe someone else advised you to try a Katie Beckett waiver application, and I think that is a wise move. In most states they do have some type of coverage for children whose parents fall into the gap as you do, too much money for medicaid assistance, too little income to pay the high employer premiums. I do wish you luck however. BLUE