im new to this. i need help!!!!


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hi. heres my story. i have a 9yr. old daughter diagnosed with adhd and bi polar disorder and maybe aspergers. we live in florida and have been on kidcare for yrs. as of jan. 05 they are raising my preimum to 220.00 from 15.00 amonth. she takes 3 diff. medications which costs us aver 300.00 a month. plus, counciling... i dont know where to look for help? can someone tell me who can help? i know that there is diff. organizations that can help her? where do i start?


Have you applied for SSI for her? I assume this would give her straight Medicaid in Fla which would pay for the medications.

Have you tried your local Fla congressperson? Sounds like the state legislature enacted something that seriously impacts families. Your congressperson voted for this- what is their suggestion? Is this their understanding of the new law and how do they expect families to manage?
Call their office and ask.

Go to your local social services office and ask them for advice. If nothing else they will have a list of charities that will buy medications for your child.

Go to and look up each of your child's medications. Call the manufacturer of each and ask if you can get her medications free/ cheaper under their plan.