Bipolar article

Now if only some pediatricians and psychiatrists would read this article, more children would get help much, much sooner!!! :rolleyes:
Thanks for posting this!



Mom? What's a difficult child?
This is one of our problems here in Idaho... and I am sure a lot of other places. With difficult child 1 being diagnosis'd so young... there are basically no other children her age diagnosis'd in this area with BiPolar (BP) or a mood disorder. Even the kids with Autism here have to be pretty severe and low functioning for anyone to take you seriously...

Everyone has said the same thing to us, "She is too young" " They don't diagnosis that young" " Are you sure" .... I have started saying would you like to sit down and read our reports and watch videos of her??? ( this is to medical people, therapists, docs etc)

While I realize how lucky we are to get her diagnosis'd so early, it comes with lots of skeptism...


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see in my experience it is not the psychiatrists that need to read it but the rest in the system(school personal mostly)who call it the diagnosis de jour. they feel a BiPolar (BP) diagnosis is a cope out. if more schools considered this a more legit diagnosis maybe they would try to find ways to help these kids get an education!