UPDATED ~ Problems registering or locked out ~ please read

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This thread has nothing to do with General Parenting. I’m posting here because it’s the first forum shown on the site.

If you have had problems with registering within the last 12 months please try to register again. There was an issue with some registrations that should be resolved now.
A couple of things to know when registering:
You will receive a confirmation email when you register. As the last step you have to follow the email instructions for a response to be approved.
If you don’t see the email in your inbox then check your spam folder for it.
If you don’t see the email in your spam folder then you most likely already have a user account with the same email address.

If you were able to use the site and posted before but are locked out now:
Most likely when you had problems with your user id you attempted to create another user id with the same email address. I think a notification would have been sent to the site moderators typically but was not due to the issues with the site. For now, try to re-register, with a different user name again. I think we will get a notification now and be able to identify long-term users with this situation.

This is a work in progress, I will update this post with additional information.

Some additional info. Our wonderful stand in Admin has proactively found users with more than 10 posts who were in the locked out status and has activated them. So if you are on the list below you should be able to log in:
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Thank you Deni !! (and anyone else who had a part in this!)

I have been locked out since last November and had tried everything. I probably did try to get on with another username but my old one is apparently working now.

I have missed this site so much! Fortunately, I could still read the posts, just not reply to anything.

There were many times when I really related to a post and it was killing me not to respond! And I was worried that due to folks being locked out and postings being down (perhaps related) that new members in crisis might not get many responses.

So, if you are one of those members, I hope you will re-post. I think you‘ll get many more responses after the site is fixed. I have a feeling a lot more people have been locked out. In the four years I have been on this site, I had never seen the participation so low, I believe unintentionally so.

I am so sorry to hear of Runaway Bunny’s passing. She was very dedicated to this site and was always available to take care of issues as well as post and provide information on many timely topics.

I am so grateful to Deni and Nomad for taking on this task. I know you both will be great administrators!

Love, Nandina


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Yea! I'm back on. Ksm. And NewKsm. Right now I'm logged in as Ksm, my older account. I'm afraid to log out and try the other account as I'm not sure of the passwords.

It's good to be back. I had. been readingouts, but I could never respond to posts.

Deni D

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.
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Another update.
We have a process that continually checks registered users email addresses to see if they are still valid. Sometimes it inadvertently finds that an email is invalid when it's not. Mostly I think it happens when connections are slow or something along the line is not available when the check is happening. But when it happens it changes the user status here and locks the user out.

Now I'm going to be keeping an eye on these and resetting the members to valid when I find they are in fact valid. I've reset any members who have had a relatively large number of posts and have been on the forums only able to read this year. I'll be going through all of them over the next few days and resetting the ones with valid email addresses.
So with that welcome back ~~
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