Bit of an update on my difficult child

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    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted anything (not that I was ever a prolific poster LOL), but I have lurked once in a while to see what's going on with everyone. I thought I'd give you all a little update on my difficult child, to anyone who might remember us.

    We've been doing very well for the last year and half - he's been staying on his medications, still not wild about school, but doing most of his assignments (enough to pass) and more in classes he liked like biology and chemistry. And now, last Thursday, I attended my difficult child's grade 12 graduation. Yes, WOO HOOOO, he graduated and went to the ceremony, dinner, dance AND aftergrad party. He wasn't going to go, then on Tues. evening he came with a memo from his TA about prices for tickets etc. and said he'd decided to go, they would let him buy them late. I had been so disappointed, after all we went through with school I SO wanted to see him walk the stage, so when he changed his mind I was ecstatic. We rushed out Wed afternoon to get him something to wear, I thought he'd just go shirt & pants, but nope wanted to try on suits LOL yes last minute. We did get him a blazer & pants and shirt & tie - all black of course except the tie which was black & silver. He wears nothing but black yet . It was wonderful. He also won a class award in guitar for the highest mark in guitar of all students. Kind of an appropriate award I thought as he's the guy in his grade 12 class with the longest hair (middle of the back) and one of the only ones that listens to very heavy metal LOL He said after "I forgot I had such a high mark in guitar. I guess that's because I actually did all the assignments this year" Ya think!?! LOL

    Now he has to decide what he wants to do in the future. He's considering taking a partial load of classes in University - classes like biology & chem - to see if he could do University. He also needs to get out and get a J O B. Mommy bird may have to nudge him a little out of the nest on that one. He applied a couple places a while ago, though didn't get a call, and said "that wasn't so bad" so if I just get him out there he'll be ok I think. He can talk well to people, just the eye contact thing might hurt the interviews. Maybe have to practice some interview questions. We'll see how it goes. Look to starting out in the fast food industry for the summer anyway LOL.

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone on this site. When I first came here I was lost, crying, and didn't know where to go. Posts and advice here gave me a place to look, knowledge on what I could ask for at school (not just going along with what the "authorities" said should happen), and the knowledge I could have the confidence and strength TO tell them what difficult child needed. It's so much easier when you find out you're not the only one going through these issues. When difficult child was in grade 5, I told someone I didn't think he would graduate grade 8, and he made it through grade 12 with a high mark award. Wonders and miracles and a lot of hard work LOL. difficult child is 18 now, and matured into quite a guy, one I'm pretty proud of. We'll probably have issues in the future, but I'm pretty sure we'll get through them.
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    'Chele I am SO HAPPY that things have worked out so well. It's not that often that we have such a happy post. You and he have come a looonnnggg way, baby! Enjoy every minute. Hugs. DDD
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    :congratualtions:Wow, this is an awesome testament to your combined efforts! Hooray for difficult child and YOU! You did it! He did it! I remember when we thought our difficult child was going to either flunk out of HS or have to graduate in August after attending summer school....but she managed to pull a 92 on her Civics final and graduate on time with her classmates...I know that wonderful feeling you speak of! Best of luck on the job hunt, lol.