Bless speakerphone!!


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Nothing shocked me more than when 35 called today. He is so weird that way. He can cuss me out and hang up on me, then call me in two hours like nothing happened. I thought he was DONE with me because I refuse to be his private pep rally. Guess not. But I didn't want to hear him this morning.

I decided to put him on speakerphone so I knew when to say "Uh huh" and "yep" etc. but I then went around the house doing other things. While I heard the drone of his voice, I have no idea what he said and then my phone, which has been bothersome lately, disconnected him on it's own and he didn't call back.

Best phone call 35 and I have ever had...lolol!!! That's my new method of self-defense. Since I rarely take my cell phone out of the house with me, any later calls will go to voicemail. Thursday is a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry busy day for me!!!! :)