Board ? Can you change your user ID?


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<span style="color: #660000">back in the day you could change your public name, but you kept your sign in name/origonal name. i don't see the option for doing that anymore. maybe you can PM cheryl (runawaybunny) & ask her.

kris </span>


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Yep, pm an administrator. I'm moving this thread to the Watercooler since it's not technically difficult child-related.


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Well how My login name and my user name are two totally different things....because I changed them on the old board. Like Kris said, there was that option there. I dont see it here. There are a few of us who Im sure have that


The edit display name option was available in the control panel and since you asked about it I enabled it. You will find the option in My Stuff&gt;&gt;My Profile.