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    I read one post on the Special Education area with a suggestion of a game...

    But, I'm looking for more "concrete" types of social skills games that would be available...(maybe like board games). I tried the one suggested with-difficult child and he didn't understand at all....

    My son loves board games and I figure there's got to be some out there somewhere...

    Any suggestions would be great? Or is this topic in the archives and I missed it???


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    go to -online board games of chess and checkers. Theres "word whomp" where they have to unscramble the letters to get words, jumble bees, solitaire, crossword puzzles etc. If thats thethey type of games you're talking about.

    Plus its free.
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    I played non-competetive board games with my son. They are games where the players work together for a solution. They were alot of fun and not very expensive. They don't take outrageous amounts of time to finish, so kids don't get bored.
    I'll try to find the name of the company that makes them all. If you can't find them in a toy store, I'm sure you can order them online. I buy them at a store called Creative Learning. It is a toy store with educational toys.
    I'll look for a link and try to post it for you.
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    Harvest Time, Max, and Snow Storm were favorites with my kids

    Hope this helped

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    Actually, I got a catalog in the mail about 3 weeks ago, and there are games called: Kids Choices and teen choices, and some others about what is the right thing to do in a given situation. They may be religious to some degree, not sure, have not ordered them yet.
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    Childswork/Childsplay. Some of the other catalogs on Guidance Channel looked interesting, but I haven't checked them out yet.
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    When I was wandering through books I saw a book of social skills stories. Didn't really look at it to see if it had games or only stories.
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    Will check with our therapist. He has a board game that is played with the family and really has NO winner, you win by learning more about yourself. Will check and post later.

    Other than a great skill builder and helps with numbers. My son is very good at it. Hard to play when he ALWAYS wins.
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    We love the cooperative games too. There are lots of great ones by "Family Pastimes". You could call them and explain your situation - I bet they'd help you select the right games.
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    Also ordered 3 social skills games. Lots of them here. I think this is just what you want.
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    These might have a few games but they may not be what you are looking for.
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    Thanks everyone...I've looked thru several of the finding some good things, I've put them all in my favorites for now...but think i've found a few that will be suitable and will hopefully help!

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    My 9year old likes a game called Chatter Matters by Mattel.It askes you questions about childhood memories or family things. It gets conversations going between players and you find out about each other. It was actually given to us to use by F.S.T(Family Stabilization Team)