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Not too sure how many of you read the "Quick Quotes" on the right side of the page, but this one just popped up when I was reading over on general:

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one."

C.S. Lewis

I would say that is extremely appropriate for this board. One of the first things that went through my mind when I found this place at difficult child's darkest hour was "I can't believe I found people who understand - I thought I was the only one going through this!"

Thanks all for the support :flower:!



I agree completely! Knowing that we're not alone, that others can relate to our situation is very supportive. Having a difficult child is not something my "real life" friends can understand,but on this board we are all cyber friends;we are not alone!
There is something about a cyber friend that is so non threatening. I feel like I can let all my feelings out here and not be judged. And I can let the personality that the good Lord gave me shine through.

That personality has been buried and stuffed away under so much depression and weight gain, that if you ever saw me in person, you would never guess who I was.

I'd be the one in the back of the room, trying not to be seen.

This board has helped me in many, many ways.


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Big Bad Kitty...You are a beautiful person inside and out from all I've seen of you on the board. It's nice to be getting to know you and reaquointed with others too. is wonderful to know we're not alone anymore.



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Oh boy........ditto what Kitty said!

This board has also helped me in so many ways. In fact, I am getting tears in my eyes just writing this. Before this board, it had been years since I had actually been able to talk to anyone about my difficult child - because of all the walls I had built due to people judging me as a parent, and him as a kid. I remember when I first came to this board - I would not even introduce myself - because I was so scared people would judge me. I would only respond to other's posts. Then when difficult child went into the phosph I reached out - and to my surprise every post came back full of empathy, love, and support. I was truly shocked. Genuinely, completely, shocked. It changed my life.

I swear, my friends and parents think I am crazy, because I talk about this board as if you are my best friends. In fact, I better come up with a name for you guys like George, or Melba.......because to continually talk about "my board" is wearing thin. :wink:

Thanks to all of you a million times over - for allowing me to open up again - and share my heart - and accepting me and my kid for who we are. You truly are a wonderful group of people.


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I don't get those.....I looked, I have google search, Navigation , search amazon and who's on line. To the right. Right? Nuttin there.

Willow, - you are not alone in discussing "the board" I say that all the time and finally DF said "WHAT BOARD?" and I sat stunned and said "THE OUAJI board" - then he said "Are you talking about that disordered board?" I laughed thinking to myself that yes, we are all disordered, and said "YES! THE BOARD" just for kicks and to see if he's really paying attention I will say "I 'talked' to the 'girls' and they 'said'" Now he knows if I say "the girls "even though there are men here that I'm talking about US.


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The Ouija board.........maybe THAT is what I will call it. :laugh:
"I was talking to the Ouija board last night - and they suggested!!!"

The quick quotes are right above the "whose online" and right below the box that says "search Amazon". Now do you see it?
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: The_Loan_Ranger</div><div class="ubbcode-body">... even though there are men here ...</div></div>Precious few. The other guy quit, I think.

That CS Lewis quote is a good one alright. It was the certainly the way I felt when I saw this board.

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I couldn't agree more. It is so nice to not feel alone, to know there is a place where you can come and be understood. Honestly don't know what I would do without you wonderful people!


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That quote is truly beautiful and reflects my feelings about htis board.

You have all amazed andhonored me with your friendship and love. From the beginning, through the time when I thought that my son would truly grow up to be a scary scary person, to now when we are rebuilding our bond with each other, this board has held my hand, dried my tears (after letting me cry myself out - something NO ONE in my "real life" has patience with), and laughed with me. I have kept going because you have all helped me. Thank you.

i think calling us "the girls" is a great thing. I also think the ouija board reference is funny but apt sometimes.