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    Good evening! I am new to this forum but hope that someone with experience and wisdom can point us in the right direction. We are looking for a boarding school for 12 year old diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and conduct disorder. Child has been in hospital setting for a few days and then a 45 day treatment center. It is almost impossible for her to stay at home due to younger siblings. We have been very proactive in keeping her safe and undesired behaviors to minimum but cannot continue living like this anymore. We were told that she needs an extremely structured environment to function. She did very well at the treatment center but she was released due to insurance not paying anymore. We need to find a boarding school but as most of you know they are cost prohibitive. Does anyone know of any options out there? Thank you!!
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    Many kids like this wind up in juvenile detention facilities. I've read the majority of kids there have conduct disorder.

    With that said, I know of one kid who even "flunked out" of one of those facilities! Was "return to sender", then sent to a different juvenile detention facility which was even MORE structured. (If you can believe that.)

    Anyway I got the impression that there are different facilities, including private [publicly funded or non-profit facilities], for these kids - depending on their requirements. Perhaps kids do not need to be in the criminal system to reside at some of these facilities? I don't know.

    Anyway you may want to call around to some of those juvenile detention facilities in your area. Ask if they know of any facilities which could help you. Ask what to do. These are the people who deal with this every day, so would know about all the various facilities in your area.

    If that does not work, may want to contact your state child foster care department. These people place foster kids.... But some kids need to be placed in a residential facility. So they also would know about what is available in your area.
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    If your daughter has an IEP for an emotional disturbance, the school district may pay for this placement. It is a very long road but it is possible depending on the situation. Without knowing your circumstances, it does sound from what you describe that your child has a medical diagnosis that should qualify her for at minimum a 504 plan. That might be a good option to explore. Call the director of special education for your local school district. Even if your daughter is not currently attending her local school, she is still legally their responsibility.
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    Thank you for your responses. We do not have a 504 in place but we will try this avenue. I have heard that school districts could place children in summer programs and the school would pay for them but was not sure how accurate. I'm even more encouraged if they would help place her in a program/school. We have not had any problems with the juvenile system yet. As I mentioned we basically live in constant "lock down" to make sure we keep her safe. As she is getting older, this is getting harder and harder. My husband and I both work and cannot be at home during day.we found a daycare that would pick her up from school until we get home but she will be too old next year. Feeling helpless but thankful for your help and any other suggestions out there.
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    With your daughter's history of behaviors, I would go straight for an IEP. A 504 plan won't get her anything of consequence and certainly not a residential placement. Even a residential placement will likely take years. If you submit a request for evaluation now, then she will be evaluated in the Sept-Oct time frame and if she is eligible for services, then she will get them around Christmastime. Bear in mind she will have to be acting out in school and experiencing suspensions, failures in class and other problems to be found eligible and even then it is a case by case basis.

    The term '45 day treatment center' is a dog whistle to those of us who work in special education that perhaps she was to be evaluated during that time. Did her paperwork indicate she was evaluated for a special education placement and if so what were the results? You have the right to challenge them if you do not agree.

    This child needs an IEP from what you describe, I cannot imagine she is a perfect kid at school and a demon only at home.
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    504 is worthless for what you need. You need (and surely will qualify for) an IEP. I would get an advocate. We got a free attorney. Google disability advocates/disability rights. There used to be an agency in Berkeley. I would call them or someplace like them for assistance.