Bob Evans Lemonade Pie


Roll With It
Have any of you tried this, or do you remember it from the past? My aunt asked my mom if I knew the recipe because her Bob Evans isn't serving it this summer.

It is one of the few things I do remember from the time I worked for them.

Jessie just made it even easier to make, thanks to forgetting the instructions and not bothering to read the recipe, lol. But her mistake made it even easier to make, so it wasn't a bad thing at all!

The recipe is

1 can sweetened condensed milk (aka Eagle Milk)
6 oz frozen lemonade concentrate (or limeaid if you prefer, I use the minute maid or another all natural brand)
16 oz of heavy cream
1 graham cracker crust

Bob Evans uses cool whip type whipped topping, I use heavy cream and it makes a HUGE difference plus is healthier because it doesn't have partially hydrogenated anything and is not full of other weird things you wouldn't otherwise choose to eat if you saw them before they were put into your food.

The original recipe says to mix the thawed lemonade concentrate with the eagle milk and then fold into the thawed cool whip. I used to whip the heavy cream with nothing added to it and then folk in the eagle milk/lemonade mixture.

Jess forgot to whip the cream. She was having a bad day and has missed about half of everything all day. It is why I wrote it down for her, but she didn't think to check the recipe.

She put the mixture into the food processor to see if it would whip it up to the consistency it is supposed to be. I was quite surprised, but it whipped up very nicely. It wouldn't work like reg whipped cream, meaning it needed to be frozen, but we freeze it anyway. It solved the problem of how much to mix the lemonade mixture into the cream because if you mix it too much it ends up falling but if you don't mix it enough it has pockets of unflavored whipped cream.

We were both happily surprised but will do it this way in the future.

For those of you who do not like to eat this frozen, whip the cream separately and when the cream forms soft peaks add 2 teaspoons of cornstarch and whip until firm peaks form. You can then serve it refrigerated and it will not fall if it isn't all eaten right away.

Around here it usually doesn't last long enough to thaw because we all like it frozen. Most of the employees I worked with at BE would go get pie from the freezer even though we served it thawed to customers.

Enjoy! It makes a great, easy summer treat.