Body fat distribution changes


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My body is losing weight disproportionately, leaving me with a weird shape and it's bothering me...not sure what to do...

I'm on some medications that can cause weight gain and bio identical hormones. Saw some photos from Xmas and I looked heavy. Have social event late July and I want to look nice. My GP gave me a diet. Since, I'm short, she ok'd a diet a little on the low cal side, but I am to only eat in a very healthy manner....which I am doing religiously and am very proud. LOTS and lots of veggies both cooked and raw, some meats, a little fruit, a little nuts, no sugar, no junk, lots of water, basically no dairy...but I'll have a Greek yogurt now and then for a treat. I'll also have a little popcorn cooked in coconut oil now and then for a treat. I'm not particularly hungry and actually seem to be feeling BETTER overall. I'm losing about a pound a week. I'm using an app to keep track.

Due to pain issues, I can't exercise like I did years ago. I'm mostly just walking in the neighborhood. I hope to do more and more...but need to take it slow.

Since Jan. Sometime, I've lost 11 pounds. But, my pants fit about the same. I've lost a lot in my arms, a little in my waist and face.

I saw some Easter photos and I almost died. My bottom half now looks VERY large and truly distorted. I am, for the first time in my life, pear shaped and I don't like it. And in the past, when I have lost this much weight, people have noticed and it isn't particularly noticeable due to this weird lopsided weight loss.

Has this ever happened to anyone else? Do you think it likely hormonal or from all the medications I'm on? According to the weight loss charts I see on -line, I need to lose 10-12 more pounds and this is on the generous side of the chart.

Since I've never been pear shaped main question is: Do you think as I lose more, in time my body will lose a bit more evenly and take some fat from my now disproportionately heavy thighs and hips???? Maybe someone out there has some experience.

Geez...if it's not one thing, it's another.


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Well... they say that not all fat is created equal - and that abdominal fat is the easiest to gain and hardest to lose. But that doesn't account for places like thighs, which is part of "pear" shape.

BUT... "pear" is healthier than "apple" - because "apple" shape means high abdominal fat.

I have a friend who is totally "pear", and can't lose it either. She figures it's genetic?

Growing old isn't for the faint of heart.


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I've lost 17 lbs since January and the one thing that is most noticeable is that I had to downsize my bra.

I was hoping to lose some belly fat, but that hasn't happened yet...



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I started a new eating and exercise plan on Thursday, when I found out I'm officially diabetic. Bought a Fitbit, started walking, tracking my food...

I'm just hoping to lose weight, and right now I don't care where it comes off!


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I started a new eating and exercise plan on Thursday, when I found out I'm officially diabetic.

Jabber and I kinda got the same news last week. Must have been physical time! We have been reading up on diabetic and high cholesterol eating and have an appointment with a dietician tomorrow.

I agree with everyone else, pear shaped is better than apple. Belly fat is definitely worse for you. Yes, it does come off unevenly sometimes. I find that it comes off the opposite of how it goes on. I lose in my chest first :( , then a bit in the face, arms, etc. Butt and legs come off last every time.


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Well, this is some different version of me. After fifty years, I'm kinda use to the former me. Previously, I had more of a belly. And yes, now that you guys mention it, it did take a little while to get to my belly. (Come of my belly). Then, I gained more in my hips and thighs. Now, I lost in my top half of my body. And it looks strange. Over the fifty years, I had learned how to sort of hide my belly. (Now my belly isn't too bad!) who the heck am I?

However, hiding your hips and thighs is almost an impossibility. Keeping my fingers crossed that when I lose the next ten pounds it will come from the hips and thighs.

Yes, getting older is not for the faint of heart. It is a privilege, but Lots of challenges!


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I just want to lend you my support as I have no idea what advice I can give you.( Im just trying to lose weight -sort of- and bet my stomach and behind will be still there) But Im sure something will help! Good luck :) Hugs