Boy is the "honeymoon" over!


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Oh yeah...the "honeymoon" after psychiatric hospital is definately least as far as home life goes. While he came home overly hyperactive and still very oppositional, we at least went a couple of days before our first meltdown...but now it seems we're back to every other day if not daily (sometimes multiple times a day) meltdowns. :::sigh:::

Yup...point proven...the medications aren't working. And you can bet your hiney I'm putting a call into the Social Worker TONIGHT that we need a medication review STAT because we're right back at square one (and I'm calling the SW only because I have no way to contact the psychiatrist). I feel like nothing has been gained by the past few weeks. Maybe I'm just impatient.

I'm just going to go to bed tonight thinking POSITIVE thoughts that he will wake up happy and willing to go to school tomorrow and will at least continue to be incident free *at school*. That will at least count for something, right? :wink:


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Alisonlg, I hope your morning goes well. Have you ever tried taping these meltdowns so the psychiatrist can see them first hand? -RM

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I'm confused - please forgive me. I've never heard of a medication given for ODD. Are there other diagnosis's being considered?

While difficult child was in the hospital, were you given any resources &/or insights on redirecting difficult child during his rages? What worked at the hospital? Do you recognize any triggers or certain times of day that difficult child acts up the most?

Again, I'm sorry - I don't remember the particulars.


Alison, I'm sorry about the meltdowns. As you know from our previous "conversations," the Zyprexa dose is on the low side and may not be enough to make a difference. It's definitely worth pointing out the SW and psychiatrist. And I agree with Linda -- push hard for more info on the diagnosis.

Hope tomorrow is a better day.


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I am very sorry that things are spiraling. It does seem to be a low dose of zyprexa. Did the hospital give you any other ideas for handling the ODD behaviors besides just the medication? Any behavior mod suggestions?


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I am glad to hear that you are contacting someone about this. A good thing to do is to keep a log, and write down everything that happens each day with difficult child's meltdowns and medication dosages. You at least will have something to show the psychiatrist at the day program.

Yes, the zyprexa dose is low. I think that it needs to be at least 5 mg for an adequate trial. From what our state psychiatric hospital podoc said, 5 - 10 mg.

I am thinking of you and hoping that you get some help and direction from the day program support team. I can't imagine you cannot talk to the psychiatrist. I was able to put in a message to talk with them at both phosps we went to, and they always called me back. Be the squeaky wheel that needs to be oiled. Be persistent.


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Are they considering that he may have a mood disorder? If so, even a healthy dose of Zyprexa won't be enough. in my opinion it sounds like more than ODD. Do you has access to a Psychiatrist (with the MD)? Social Workers aren't supposed to diagnose.

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I'm glad you are calling someone today. I know that feeling of the honeymoom being over at a short time home from the psychiatric hospital. I hope things improve soon.


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If they're considering other diagnosis, they aren't telling me about it. I've had ONE phone conversation with the psychiatrist while he was in the psychiatric hospital after she had seen him approx. 3 days to "enlighten" her on his mood swings and "manic" episodes coming out of a rage, because with their controlled setting and PRN's that they were giving him after his visits to the "quiet room" I had a feeling they weren't seeing the whole picture. She basically said she was looking at "Disruptive Behavior Disorder- not otherwise specified" and had pretty much ruled out the ADHD and CD (which basically leaves ODD, doesn't it?). They're basically treating the symptoms...they're giving the Zyprexa to "lengthen his fuse" to try to treat the rages so he can employ the coping skills they're teaching through the psychiatric hospital/day hospital program. The impression I'm getting is that they are NOT looking to really diagnosis him, so I think that's something that's going to have to wait until his time in this program is over (about 8 weeks?) and he's working one-on-one with a regular psychiatrist.

I'm anxious about getting a call back today to hear what the sW has to say. Hopefully she'll have the psychiatrist call me.

Think I'll call the SW at school today too, just to make sure he's doing well over there the past week (and today). :::fingers crossed!::::

I'm seriously thinking of making a psychiatrist appointment for myself to pick myself and MY childhood apart just to see if I can find anything helpful to help my son...because I feel like nothing else is helping. Maybe if I can find something insightful about myself, it will help him?!


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Oh...and NO....we have NOT really been given any direction on what to do to help modify his behaviors. Of course, we've had limited meetings...When our son was first diagnosis'd, they basically said right to our face and put in writting in our evaluation, "you're doing every single thing we could possibly tell you do to!"...when we had our initial meeting with the SW who was going to start his evaluation at the Behavioral Center about a month ago before he got admitted to the psychiatric hospital and when we asked her what do we do when he refuses to go to school, here's what we've been doing...she said, "Yes...keep doing that." When we met with the SW at the psychiatric hospital before dischage to go over our discharge plans for home, he offered some suggestions and we said, "We've been doing that for 8 years..." It's like we keep SLAMMING our heads against a brick wall.

It's been 8 years...I'm so sick of repeating myself...I'm so tired...I'm emotionally exhausted...I'm out of different twists and ideas...I NEED somebody to tell me what to do...because what we've been doing for 8 years obviously isn't working. And nobody seems to be willing or able to help. :frown:

We do have a meeting scheduled next Monday at the day hospital with the SW for her to tell us what's been "working for them" so we can implement it at home. We'll see. I just think 3 hours in a structured program is a TOTALLY different ballgame than being at home. TOTALLY. But, I'll go there with an open mind and I'll try whatever she tells us...because like I said, I NEED someone to tell me what to do at this point, because what we're doing isn't working.


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Alison, I don't have any words of advice, but just wanted to let you know you're not alone. Our situations are different, but it boils down to we're still getting doors slammed, or ignorant people to deal with. I can feel your pain. ~sending hugs your way~


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I can't remember if you read The Explosive Child or not.

I went to this website and if you click on clinical services they have a place where they say to email them if you do not live close enough for a consultation and they will email you back with contact information of a clinician in your area.

I did this and although there was no one in my area, there was someone in the area I want to move to within the next couple of years.

I felt like we needed a new approach and it sounds like you might need one as well. It does not hurt to get more information anyway.

I hope that your meetings go well. I know how you feel. Before the mood stabilizer and AP it seemed that no one was there who could help us. I had a child psychiatrist tell me that there was nothing he could do and it was a waste of time for us to even go see him. That is how bad things were. I was going from one person to another trying to find someone who could help.

Could you create a structured environment in your home? I don't know if it would help. After the medications were working we made the environment at home much more structured. I don't know what it would have doné if the medications were not working though!


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Doctors can and are often wrong, and we have to go with our guts and move on if we don't feel we are getting the right help. We went thru many doctors until it felt right and our kid started doing considerably better. ODD doesn't normally stand alone.