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  1. JJJ

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    Ugh, I hope the new school is better.
  2. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad your school is going great! I hope Beaner's new school is better! Hugs.
  3. busywend

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    Hope things settle down soon.
  4. Here's hoping that Beaner gets a fresh new start and that his new school situation turns out to be as good as yours!
  5. SearchingForRainbows

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    Moving is EXHAUSTING in the best of circumstances. I'm keeping you in my thoughts that everything goes smoothly...WFEN
  6. Big Bad Kitty

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    I'm right there with you, sweetie. I'm moving myself either this weekend or next.

    BIG prayers for a smooth transition, both in the move and in the school.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Moving is the single most stressful thing in life. I moved 44 times in 11 years and basically lived out of a box and suitcase due to my x.

    When you get to the point you want to stop? STOP! Take a breather, get some fluids in ya', have a cooler with ice cold drinks in it and snacks for difficult child....and go for it.

    Sending good moving juju your way! Rattling beads. :bath:
  8. trinityroyal

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    The best piece of moving advice I ever received was this:

    Make sure that your beds go on the moving truck last, so that they are the first things unpacked. As soon as your beds are off the moving truck, set them up. Pack a full set of bedclothes for you and for Beaner, and take them with you in your car (or however you're getting to your new place). As soon as your beds are set up, make them.

    This way, the moment that you're too tired to do anything else, you have a place to lie down and get some rest, that already feels like home.

    The other thing I usually do is to pack a picnic (with blanket, basket or cooler, paper plates, etc.) If you're stuck trying to have a meal when you don't have a table to sit at, it doesn't feel so wrong when it's a picnic.

    Best wishes that your move goes smoothly.
  9. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    That is a very good idea, Trinity!

    One other thing I did (no credit to myself; I looked up a "moving tips" website" is I packed an "emergency box". This won't even go in the truck. It will be in my trunk:

    First aid kit
    paper plates
    plastic cutlery
    couple games and books for the kiddo
    paper & pen
    tape measure (!!)
    garbage bag
    travel alarm
    snacks, bottled water
    checkbook, credit cards
    cell phone & charger
    soap & toiletries

    If the moving truck runs off a CLIFF...I can get by for a night.