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    Well, so far so good but still not finished. First, they wanted me to sign the release for medical records. I didn't sign it before because the form said not to unless I had answered "yes" to currently receiving mental health treatment, but not to include mental health treatment for family therapy or marriage counseling unless it was court ordered. So, now I have to sign it. Is there some national data bank or something that my SS# gets submmitted to with medical treatment every time I see a dr or take my son to a therapist on my insurance? That's frightening if there is, even though I don't see how difficult child's situation and all thhose visits to psychiatrist and tdocs will harm my chances for the job.

    Next, he needs the entire form filled out by hand and sent as a hardcopy. First they needed it by this online application, which I did. Supposedly he's sending me a similar but more specific form now to do by hand and mail to him. This makes no sense to me and I don't understand why they waited until now to tell me- I could have done it a week ago, but fine, I will do it now. At least he's emailing it instead of using snail mail.

    Then, I have to go have fingerprints made and get a credit report myself to send to him. He said the biggest concern was having a plan to pay back creditors. I told him (again) that I have spoken to them and they will not work out a plan with me until I have the job in hand, so it sounds like a catch-22 if I can't get the job without a plan in hand. He told me he understand so submit them a tentative plan. I said ok but creditors cannot confirm that I have this settled with him. He said it's ok, he just needs something for his supervisor to sign off on and they might make suggestioons to me on how to pay it back. I said I would be glad to hear them. :) :whiteflag:

    He said they wanted to bring me on board and he was trying to find a way and the DOD just needed to do certain things to make sure they didn't give me a clearance and then I end up losing it. I said I cared about that, too. Then he said the people I'd be working for have already been calling trying to find out my status and asking that they hurry and get me there.


    How do I get a credit report? I need it to show what my credit started out as so they will see that it was excellent until a few months ago then it started dropping. Do they all show that history and what's the quickest way to get one? He told me how to get the fingerprints- I get to visit the FBI. :alien:

    It was 6:00 AM his time when he called- I really hope they don't expect me to start work that early. LOL! I figured maybe 7:30, which was what I lived with while I was in the military many moons ago.
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    Go to That should do it.

    If the tdocs and psychiatrists were your difficult child's patients, you weren't treated, so you shouldn't have to report it. You went as a helper, not a patient.
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    Ok-on the credit.

    I didn't list any mental health treatment for myself because it all pertained to difficult child. But they still want a medical release form signed. So what can they access with that if they have not asked for my dr's name?
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    Sounds like progress :) Also seems like credit report is a formality, seems you have had some discussions on it already and they don't seem overly concerned. If your report doesn't reflect previous status, submit a letter along with it describing your payment history was good until such and such a date, due to unemployment. Briefly describe that creditors said ONCE you are employed, they will work out payments with you and that you look forward to being employed again and returning to a payment schedule to clear your debts.

    Its great people are asking when they get their hands on you to fill the position! I know you'd prefer something closer, but I'm still happy that for now, this is looking more like a viable option if needed.
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    thank you!

    Now here is my paranoia- GAL had gotten the judge to order that mental health evaluation (the psychiatric written test) that I refused to take because they were only going to do the standard written and no interview or anything else that would have made it a competent evaluation, in my humble opinion, so I didn't do it. This was when difficult child pulled the knife on me so I looked at it like it wouldn't have mattered if I was insane, it didn't justify difficult child doing that. Anyway, GAL filed a show cause on me but the judge ended up telling GAL that none of that had anything to do with difficult child's illegal actions, there were no accusations legally against me (like abuse, neglect, etc) so the show-cause mysteriously disappeared. I had called the court clerk about it and she said she never saw it and it wasn't in the computer. So, there's no chance this will raise up and bite me is there? They had scheduled the evaluation and I just told them I wasn't showing up. Is my SS# in some data bank over this?

    ETA: Ok, now that I think about it, the form requires me to answer with "the best of my knowledge" so if the clerk told me there is nothing in the system and I never received a summons to appear in court over it, then it is a non-issue, right?
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    I'm not an attorney but it sounds like a non-issue to me.

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    Well, I'm going to stick with that. At least I don't have any court issues related to abuse, neglect, or not paying CS so it should be ok.

    I found out where to get fingerprinted now the glitch is that he says they should be on a certain government card which is not the card anyone around here uses. He told me to go to the FBI- the standard FBI card is different than the one he wants these done on. I have a call into a military base to see if they have it.