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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by JJJ, Feb 12, 2008.

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    With the news media getting ahold of various 911 call tapes and playing them on tv and radio, does it affect what you say when you call?
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    Well I dont think our news media would be savvy enough to have a listen but I was astounded to find out recently that we have made 20 phone calls to 911 from my address! I cannot imagine what those people think when they see my number pop

    Ya know what the odd thing is though? They cant manage to find my house when I call them but if they are looking for Cory they find me just fine! If I call 911 I have to go out to the main road and flag them down and show them how to get here. Weird. Maybe I should just tell them...come to Corys
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    The thought never would've crossed my mind. I have 2 standard 911 calls:

    I have an out-of-control mentally ill child and I need police assistance and paramedics for transport to hospital.


    My son is having a seizure, send paramedics.

    Honestly, I've never gone into great detail on the phone. Really didn't have the opportunity because of whatever was going on in the house.

    Of course, probably helped that when thank you was most unstable, Boo was seizing on a regular basis, and I knew all the police and EMTs in town by first name. :rolleyes:
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    Hmmm, never thought of that. I can't imagine what they would think seeing my number come up. The sad part is if they don't know me cuz of the kids they know me from Red Cross. I can't imagine what they think.

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    It would depend on if my x showed up or not. -oh shoot no rifle icon.
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    So what if you've calle dthat many times! they should be able to find the house by now or give some REA assistance - shame on them!
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    Janet, not being able to find the house is nuts! Haven't any of these people EVER delivered pizza??? My dad is friend's with several of the sheriff's deputies here. They say the ambulance and police/fire people who can find places mostly had delivery jobs at some former time. (Of course, one of them was a delivery "dude" for a local dealer, but we don't mention THAT!)

    I don't think it ever occurred to me in a time when I needed to call 911 that anyone might ever WANT to listen to it. I am usually so in the moment, scared for 2 or more of us, that it never crossed my mind.


    Did I tell y'all my niece called 911 a few weeks ago? She had been in the bathroom and the toilet backed up. She is 4. They had learned about calling 911 in an emergency that week at school. So she went out and got her mommy's phone. When her mom heard her talking she just thought she was playing.

    Here they MUST go to every call, in case it is someone being abused or whatever. So when the officer showed up my XSIL was very confused. But my niece told her right away what was wrong - and was quite upset that the officer did not fix the plumbing!!!

    They had a discussion in school the next day about what is and what is NOT an emergency!!!!

    Gotta love kids!!!!

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    I joined a neighborhood watch type of thing several months ago, and last month we got a full blown presentation about dispatch....and last nite we got to tour EVERYTHING. In between, um...nite before last, about midnite we heard what sounded like shots fired. At NW they had said since so many people now have cell phones, now everyone seems to assume someone else is gonna call in an emergency and now there are times NOONE calls in the emergency! So- we called.
    Now if we use our house phone, our name/address/phone etc shows up at dispatch on a screen and yes they MUST dispatch a cr, no matter what we say. And most especially if we say NOTHING. BUT if you use a cell, or if you have a voice over phone - or phone thru internet, it complicates things terribly, and in case you have internet phone- dispatch might be across country from where you are!

    Years ago, when my girls were preschool, yes, they were taught in preschool how to call 9-1-1 and I did not know....I had not taught mine becuz I did not feel mine could truly grasp the concept of emergency at all. Lo and behold, the next day, difficult child did call 91-1 - why? someone walked into our garden, cutting corners and trampled some of our flowers.
    They sent a car...who fined us a huge fine and got quite nasty at us.
    I called preschool and said they should have told us they were teaching our kids, so we could be forewarned, and so we could work to make sure our kids understood. SO when NW group was shown dispatch, I asked them if they could tell when schools teach kids about 9-1-1 and one dispatcher got kinda strange at me.but the other, more senoir one said oh absolutely.
    He then played a tape of a child who called forhomework help-----and another who called becuz his cat missed the litterbox......

    SO when we call 9-1-1 from our house phone, they get a lot of info about us when the computer tells them our address. It shows up on the screen for dispatch of our other calls to 9-1-1....the reasons we called those times etc. Dispatch is talking to us while the screen is also showing them an instant transcript of the call, and with a very short (maybe 2 second delay) dispatch also is able to patch the car being dispatched in so THEY get a transcript of the conversation in their squad on a computer screen, too.
    On another dispatchers screen is a map that automatically comes up with the various assorted fire depts jursidictions, state and county jurisdictions etc and one touch summoning to any of those that might be pertinant.

    SO I called 9-1-1 the nite before last----and used my cell- so it had to first go to regional, and I had to tell regional everything first and then they patched it thru to local, who patched it thru to beat cop-------and even still, somehow, beat cop thought I had said we got shot. When the cop had convinced himself we had not gotte shot, he wentback to his squad to look at his computer screen again......and boy did he have egg on his face, came sheepish back to me and said "oops"

    Do I think about what I am saying and how I say it? No, I really didn't.

    When Ihave called for crisis that is right here, it has been for ambulance.....and no, I did not pay heed as far as it possibly ever being made public......One time the dispatch coached me thru CPR.......another time offered moral support while I applied direct pressure to a wound. Another time I had to lay phone down as I was first responder to a major car accident, and after calling to have someone come------I was busy stopping traffic......

    I did get reminded of 2 issues people sometimes either do not realize or forget, tho......

    A house phone that is cordless will not work if the electric goes out. A house phone that is more "old fashioned" that is still corded and without all thefancy bells and whistles will more likely work even if the electricity is out.
    In most areas, house phones with standard local telephone service will have enhanced 9-1-1- meaning when you call 9-1-1 they know from where the call is placed.
    ALL cell phones are now supposed to be able to call 9-1-1 even if service is shut off. I do not mean if thebattery is dead, but if service is suspended for non payment, or if it is a pay as you go and you didnot rfill minutes, it should still call 9-1-1-----(unless it is an old analog type phone)
    For those persons in frail health, if a cell phone IS a possibility, it is a GREAT idea for safety and independance to help that person keep their cell charged on a regular basis and to have a holder for the cell phone that clips to the frail person. Of course it is no good if the person is unconscious, BUT it is great in case of a fall.

    Also something to keep in mind? while it is great to be able to reach our kids at all times when they have a cell phone, we sometimes lose the other thing we had going..caller id from where our kids might be when they call us.