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    Hi, Ladies! I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

    I am back in a hotel room agaiin and will be for the majority of the next two weeks. The new PO came by this morning - early- and didn't even walk past the fireplace. I thought he needed to see that I had a 2 BR place, which was no problem, but he saw difficult child's photos and trophies from elementary school (nothing special- just scout and first time playing sports stuff)) and seemed to be satisfied. He didn't come out and say this but by the way he said he needed to verify that I "really had a home here" and he asked about my job, it made me think that maybe he got leary after hearing I left the last jurisdiction basicly still unemployed and on the brink of homelessness, told him I travel a lot right now, and that I might move again before difficult child's release if this sd won't let a difficult child coming from Department of Juvenile Justice into a mainstream school again as a policy. Anywaay, I think the boxes of clothes and stuff on the floor convinced him that I was really there now and not using someone else's address as a cover and being that I had nothing else- no furniture to speak of- but had my son's stuff with his name on it on the mantel proved that my son still means quite a bit to me. No one but a mother would leave bigger, better stuff when forced to scarf out 3 carloads of stuff as quickly as possible but take the baby and kid stuff from their difficult child's childhood.- and be living out of boxes but have these things set up nicely on the mantel, right? LOL!

    Now to the question- my old digital camera won't stay on. At first I thought it was just the camera wearing out but then I remembered someone saying phone rechargeable batteries can wear out and go bad after a while so I wonder if my camera would be fine if I could get a new battery pack. Does anyone know and if it sounds like this would solve the problem, where could I get a new kodak battery pack?
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    Try They have the best prices. Are you sure that the batteries are special? Mine have always used AA's.
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    I might be able to use regular (non-rechargeble) batteries in it but the camera would drain them so quickly, it would cost me a fortune to keep it working.
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    Oh, I see what you are saying. Try the batteries plus site.
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    OK- thanks! I'll have to look at it later in the week- this job is going to exhaust me for the next few days! I had been using this camera for work and to take photos to send to difficult child, too, and I can't afford a new one right now. It's pretty convenient and I don't mind using it for work if I have rechargeable batteries but they can forget it if I'm going to be plugging in the regular ones all the time without reimbursing me!
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    My camera is one that I have to recharge on a recharger too. I take out this "thing" and put it on this charging unit and then put it back in the camera when I guess thats the battery pack.