Can dna testing be done before birth


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Yes, but only with the mother's consent as it requires taking a sample of the amniotic fluid which is an invasive procedure and places the baby at risk.

Google "pre-natal dna testing"


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This doesn't sound good...

Here's a link to one place that does it. You will probably want to shop around...


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Nope! Wouldn't wish this on anyone else. It's too hard to even fathom. I can't help my kid. He's done nothing to desrve this. He's a good guy and a good father. Maybe he is a lousy husband---but even one deserves this.


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Are we talking the 24yr old or the 19yr old?
I apologize but I'm somewhat out of the loop.


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Please don't think that I think he is a lousy husband. He is 24. He already owns a nice home in a nice community. He works hard. He has put her through the last 1 1/2 of college. She has never held a job. He can be hard to live with. He is a perfectionist. But, he nor his son deserve to be treated like this.


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I would like to meet the person who was the perfect spouse. I doubt they exist. No one is perfect. No one deserves this.


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Thanks all for the hugs. I will explain more in a few days. I need some time to soak all of this up. It is too much to even wrap my brain around. I feel like a guest on the Jerry Springer show. It's embarassing to say the least. I'm like a momma bear right now and I am trying to be supportive of pcson without overstepping my boundaries or his. I'm the only one he has to vent to, so I have to just stay non-judgmental and not say something that may put him on the defensive if he should ever take her back.

Pre-op tomorrow and knee surgery on Thursday.