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    and see if they get anything other than movie webiste links on this webssite? This is supposed to be Virginia's website for Depressive Mania-Depression Association of Virginia and is listed on the state DOE Center for Special Education resources page. My computer has a lot of unwanted pop-ups, even though I have a pop-up blocker on so I don;t know if it's my computer or a bogus website.

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    I get the same as you~
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    I clicked three separate times and got three separate lists of different advertisers. I don't think it's an official site. I think it's just a list of advertisers
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    klmno- I got the same as you, too!

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    I got a list of sponsored links for driver license related things from the first link. Then I clicked on the second link. I think your state's webmaster is asleep at the keyboard.

    Then I Googled "manic depressive Virginia" and according to something called Volunteer Match, that's the correct website. Volunteer Match at least had a phone number, but who knows where that leads to.
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    Go figure- well, some of them work at least. I put a call into the office for protection and advocacy. I am soooo not done with speaking my mind about all that has transpired the last 2 years. That's ok, I'll be jotting things like this down to add in my letter to the governor and others (per my middle of the night posting with Heather)

    You know, a lot of good ideas get thrown out around here when people can't sleep!! :D