Can you say a little prayer for my father in law, please?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Jun 26, 2011.

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    While H and I ran away for the weekend, his mom left a message with easy child that she and father in law were cancelling their trip in July. They were driving up from FL, stopping along the way to visit friends and father in law was supposed to play in a golf tourney then head up here to CT. Apparently, my father in law has turned yellow, has lost 30lbs and lies around the house with no energy. He went to one year followup appointment with his dermatologist on Fridy and she was alarmed primarily with the weight loss. Obviously, he has jaundice and his liver is having problems. My father in law is, has always been, an extremely heavy gin drinker. It would not be surprising if he had cirrhosis of the liver, but the weight loss-that's the most worrisome part. Anyway, he refused to go to the ER and his regular dr is on vaca till tomorrow. We are hoping he gets in tomorrow. What is it with old people and ER's? So positive vibes, thoughts, prayers are welcome. Thank you.
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    Hoping for the best, h&r!
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    Rattling beads here! Many prayers and positive thoughts headed your way!


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    Hoping for the best but you're probably right if he's a heavy gin drinker.

    As far as old people and the ER............well honestly, for the most part their symptoms either are blown way out of proportion or poo pooed by staff......most likely the latter. Staff do try not to do it, but so many elderly come in confused and with memory issues, they assume, which they should never do. So the elderly prefer to go to the fam doctor who knows them and treats them accordingly. Can't say I blame them.

    Will keep him in my prayers

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    Hugs and prayers going out.
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    Adding in my prayers.
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    Maybe this will be a case of - "Well when we get to CT - I'll listen to my son and D.I.L." prayers gone up for your family! Maybe you tell him there's a round of 9 if he completes a physical at the ER. (oh bad Star, just bad, and a NEW graphite putting wedge if he lets them draw a little blood? STOP IT) I have NO coping mechanisms with elderly men other than "GET UP - GO, NOW - because I said so or else." past that? I wish you well.

    Hugs & Love
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    Prayers for father in law.
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    sending up prayers hugs Rabbit
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    Lots of positive thoughts sent his way

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    I think some older people prefer to ignore problems rather than face the possibility of facing life threatening issues and, in particular, the change in lifestyle that comes with illness. Older people are not trustful of random medical care. Our local hospitals often only have MD's with off shore degrees and frequently don't have the same grasp of English as the primary physician. Also at our ER the wait for care is often long. Last month I went to the ER to make sure that my chest congestion wasn't bronchitis or pneumonia. My primary is almost an hour away. Anyway, I got there at 5:15 and actually was seen by the MD after 8:00. It took five minutes for him to listen to my chest and order an xray. I got the xray within thirty minutes but had to wait another 45 for the Rx. The combination of fear and time and unfamiliar experts make older people decide to wait for the Dr. they know. on the other hand, with that much weight loss....father in law has been keeping his eyes shut too long.

    I am sending caring thoughts and prayers to your family. Hugs. DDD
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    Lots of bead rattling from here... HUGS!!!
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    Adding my prayers. Hope he gets to see his doctor right away.