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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by misk, Dec 8, 2007.

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    My any chance are there some Canadian chatters out there, who have looked into any type of gov't assistance (by way of therapy) to deal with young children with some of these disorders?

    The pyschologists are SOOOO expensive....but an absolute necessesity. So far the pediatrician gave us the "yes, there is a significant problem, so let's medicate" or go to a psychologist but it is $$. We are doing the later, but I am wondering if there are any other options?
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    we definately have Canadian members here! Sometimes the weekends are a little slow though and members don't check in. You are definately working hard to help your little one.

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    Where abouts in Canada do you live?
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    Thanks Sharon - that was a nice thing to say. Sometimes it just feels like it is a big hill for everyone out there, but it was great finding this site and having company in it!

    We are in the Toronto area...
  5. Hello Misk,

    Welcome! You have found a great place to find help. There is financial support through the government that you can get with the proper diagnosis. It is called a disability tax credit. I would suggest that you speak with your child's psychiatrist. Do you currently have supports in place to receive respite care? There are a lot of programs out there. You can send me a private message if you wish and I will be glad to help you find the proper resources.

    Kathy :flower:
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    Don't know about Ontario and how the health system works there. In Sask. we got to see a psychologist through Dept.of Child and Youth (or CPS or whatever your dept. is called). They have a Mental Health division here. You might want to check with them as they'd know what kind of services may be available. Of course, through the health system the wait was at least 6 months, but once we were in their system we had lots of programs made available. And here psychiatrists are covered for children up to 18 so we've no problem there either, other than a shortage of child psychiatrists so the wait there to get an appointment. was long too.

    Here's a link to Ontario Children & Youth services. Maybe you can find somewhere to start on their website.

    Hope you can find some programs that can help you out.
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    Hello Misk,

    The Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services website has several other useful links, but these are the two programs that provide funding.

    You will have to get your doctor to provide a letter attesting to your child's diagnosis, and the application process is incredibly tedious, but the sooner you start the better.

    If you'd like further information, please feel free to PM me. I am in the GTA as well.

    Best of luck,
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    Thank you so much for the responses. I can't tell you (or I probably can) how great I feel having found this site.... Just when I thought no one was understanding of the situation.

    You are a great comfort - thanks....

    I will look into all of this and get in touch with you through PM soon.
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    Misk, just wanted to welcome you and let you know I understand just how it feels to find such a group of support. At times this place has saved my sanity.